Happy Holidays Everyone

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Good morning Friends,

Can you believe it is nearly the end of 2023 WOW, this year has gone too fast or is Mom getting old too quickly BOL.

I was not well last week and Mom was very worried about me. I kept pooping, not diarrhea though but could not hold my poops so Mom was cleaning all weekend after me and she was exhausted. Because of it Mom could not go to her Hanukkah party on Sunday and I feel bad. She phoned our vet and spoke to a tech about it and he suggested that Mom speak to a vet and gave us a phone number of an emergency clinic which answers questions over the phone. So Mom called them and spoke to a really sweet vet who calmed Mom down and since then Mom has relaxed and my problem has been solved. Mom emailed my vet on Monday telling her what had been happening and my vet told Mom to give me some medications. But because my tummy had settled we decided not to give me the medications but as my vet is going on holiday this week for two weeks she has left the medication on my name for an emergency but thank goodness we have no need at this moment.

My vet did tell Mom that pumpkin could have been part of the problem as I am a senior and sometimes pumpkin does not work on us, so no more pumpkin for me.

We have done something new, changed my diet which my vet thinks is a good idea. I now eat ground lamb with brown rice for fiber and my tummy is working perfectly and the lamb is so so good, although as Mom says it is not cheap either. But I am a princess and deserve the best.

Another thing we have done is because my back legs are not that stable anymore and I fall into my food or knock it over, I cannot eat out of bowls anymore as I do not see and knock them over, so Mom now feeds me on my own little table with a flat porcelain dish which is heavy and hard to push over. See the photo below and my video where you can hear me slurping away.

Yum the lamb is so good

Video :  https://youtube.com/shorts/jU5zZTVBM9g?si=j5cuqtISkBsmLCO5

Because of the rain all week we have not really gone out that much as Mom does not like swimming in the rain and neither do I so Christmas events we did now do this week but I have been spoiled and we are sharing some old photos from Christmas events in San Francisco. Memories cannot be erased.

From one of the Christmas events in San Francisco a couple of years ago

Video :  https://youtube.com/shorts/J8BUP0UMGyQ?si=04dl6CPv7-wwN35n


Please keep your fur family safe this Christmas, do not drink and drive and most of all adopt don’t shop if you are getting a new fur baby.

Merry Christmas Everyone,


Enjoy your time with your family and make lots of memories

With love from Layla



12 Replies to “Happy Holidays Everyone”

  1. Oh goodness sweet Layla, I’m sure glad to hear that you are doing better and that you didn’t need any special meds. I hope you and your Mom have a joyous Holiday Season! Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Hi Hi and thanks for visiting us, I am so relieved also she did not need any medications. Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you once again for your wonderful Blog Hop as I so love reading your blog

  2. I’m happy to hear your tummy is feeling better Layla. I’m sorry your Mom couldn’t make her party but I’m sure she’s relieved your stable now. You are quite the Princess with your own little table. Mom takes such good care of you. Continue to be blessed this holiday, and I wish you and your Mom good health in the New Year!

    • Kamira I was upset but her health comes first and thank goodness she is back to normal, barking orders plus. We are very blessed and wishing you a healthy happy New Year and please be safe

  3. What a relief you are doing well, and a change in diet worked for you. Isn’t it frustrating how we think we are settled but sometimes our tummies tell us othersie and your digestion changes everything!

    I love your photo with santa! Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas Marjorie and with age things change and we learn daily, I am so relieved she is back to normal. Thank you for your compliment on my photo that really makes me feel good. May 2024 be a good year for you and your family.

  4. Oh Miss Layla, so happy you are feeling better and that the changes Mom made are helping. You have the best momma! I love the pic with Santa…you’re a star! (But I already knew that!) Pinning to share this with others! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you and Momma! And here’s to a happy and healthy 2024!

  5. Oh my! It is always so stressful when the fur kid is sick or just not feeling normal. I’m so glad to hear that Layla is back to her normal self. I didn’t realize that pumpkin can cause issues for senior pups. I’ve been wondering about that though. Henry has been dealing with a tummy issue for about the last week. He’s just now getting back to his normal self. Yes, a change in diet is sometimes the best solution.
    Here’s to a much calmer week (and not as wet). Stay warm and happy holidays!

    • Terri I never knew that either but hey that is how we learn each time. I am sorry about Henry and relieved his tummy is settling and getting back to normal. She cannot get enough of her new diet and barks for more LOL. Happy Holidays and please stay warm and dry.

  6. I’m sorry you had a bad tummy bout! I’m surprised the Vet thinks it might be due to the pumpkin. I give my dogs pumpkin every day, it usually helps them but I’ll keep an eye out for any issues. I’m glad the table is working for you. My husband made a raised food bowl holder for Icy, as she is also having problems at meal time – she was having trouble remaining standing while eating. She would sit because her back legs couldn’t hold her up while eating. The raised bowl seems to have resolved that issue. Happy Holidays!

    • I am so sorry about Icy and am happy your husband solved the problem. The raised plate makes a big difference for them. As for the pumpkin I never knew either and am
      learning daily but thank goodness Layla is back to her barking bossy. Happy Holidays xx

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