2023 is over WOW

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Good morning,

The weekend has arrived but guess what, it is the end of the year also. 2023 has gone so fast it is scary and 2024 is a few days away. WOW.

This past week it has been cold and rainy so we have stayed indoors dry and playing with snuffle ball and napping, it can be boring for me but Mom does not want me to get sick, so she is very firm with her plans when it rains. I do not like the rain so in a way I enjoy being home although I do have the stroller with a cover to keep me dry but Mom gets wet and she is not happy BOL.

I lucked out Mom spilled my treats so am vacuuming with my tongue

New Years eve is a nightmare for so many of my fur friends because of those horrible noisy fireworks, in my younger days Mom would make me a bed in the shower with my water and favorite toys so I would not hear them plus she played the Jaz station all night long but now I am old I do not hear them that much which has made Moms life a lot less stressful and easy. She never leaves me alone, so I feel very safe and secure.


Please keep all of us safe and it can be very scary to be outdoors with all bangs going off plus as I woofed to Mom I feel very sorry for the wild animals and birds that suffer from it all. Do you agree with me?

Did you know that January is overflowing with pets because people have dumped their pets for selfish reasons, they do not think that pets are part of family and should live all their lives with them. Layla was dumped in January and I rescued her on the 31st of January, a total matted mess but I lucked out with the most beautiful little girl in the world and her ex family lost out.


I must now go to sleep as an old girl needs her beauty sleep, Happy New Year Everyone, may 2024 bring peace, love, health and happiness to everyone,

With a woof and love from






16 Replies to “2023 is over WOW”

  1. I can’t believe people are stupid enough to give kittens and puppies as gifts. Pets grow, they are expensive to keep and feed so shelters fill up and heartbreak happens. This is just so wrong. You are plucky to have a loving mom.

    As for fireworks UGH! I hope it rains on New Years Eve and the fireworks get all soggy * grin * Maybe 2024 will see a rise in the price of fireworks and people will stop buying them! We can hope eh?

    • Marjorie unfortunately there are stupid people in this world that think pets are disposable and have no feelings and the sad part is the shelters filling up and rescues baattling to find fosters and homes for them all. As for the fireworks, I hate them and have no sympathy for those that shoot them off and hurt themselves as I believe in Karma. They should be banned all over the world. Praying one day it will happen ! Happy New Year

  2. Sadly, we dread this weekend because of fireworks, especially the moron that lives behind us and will most likely set them off every night all weekend. We wish they would be illegal again like they used to be. Happy New Year anyway.

    • MK I dread this weekend also big time and the lunatics wasting money of fireworks when there are so many rescues plus other non profits struggling makes me sick inside.. They are selfish inconsiderate people. I agree with you they should be banned. happy New Year to all of you and please be safe

  3. Hello sweet Layla! Yes, the year has sure gone by quickly and none of us here are looking forward to those dreaded fireworks, especially our outside ferals. Happy New Year to you and your Mom from all of us. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Please be safe and may 2024 only be good and healthy for all of us. I so agree with you those dreaded fireworks are a nightmare and should be banned to protect all animals especially the feral cats or stray dogs.

  4. There are very few situations where a pet as a gift is appropriate. The only exception is really when there is a family getting a new family member that they have previously discussed, and the parents are fully aware and prepared to take on the responsibility if their children don’t. It should never be a surprise or something where the commitment is thrust upon someone who is unaware or unable to make a decision themselves about it.

    • Britt I agree with you but unfortunately when the crunch comes a lot of times the parents wake up to reality and do not have the time and the pet pays the price. I do not believe a pet should be a gift at all but a family decision to adopt a dog but have the kids know they have to take responsibility and not let them get away with it.

  5. These are terrific tips for keeping pets safe during the fireworks that come with New Year’s. I dread those loud, noisy evenings. Henry doesn’t care for them either.

    Yes, I always feel sorry for wild animals during fireworks. I had horses. I always wanted to bring them inside during fireworks. Of course, they don’t like being in the barn when it’s noisy. So, I’d spend the night in the barn and help to reassure them.

    I know the bunnies, birds, raccoons, coyotes, deer, wild horses, etc. must really be scared during these crazy human celebrations. I wish only drone displays were allowed. I think it would be cheaper too because the drones are reusable. But folks love their traditions.

    This is a wonderful article with very useful information to help keep our dogs and pets safe. I’m sharing with all my dog parents.

    Wishing you and Layla a peaceful New Year!

    • Terri I like you hate them and think they are a waste of money, I agree with you drones would be better for everyone. You are amazing having spent time in the barn with the horses and I am sure they appreciated it also. Thank you for sharing and your compliment and may 2024 be a healthy happy one for you and Henry, be safe

  6. I can’t believe 2024 is only 2 days away! I’m so glad you reminded us that many people unfortunately like to shoot off fireworks for the new year. I had forgotten! I’m now getting the calming treats out and will have the music up high. It is so sad that shelters fill up with unwanted pets after the holidays. It’s really important to never give the gift of a dog or cat without fully discussing the ongoing costs and responsibilities with the recipient. A pet is a living creature that requires full commitment.

    • Cathy I cannot believe it either, the year went too fast for me LOL. I hate those fireworks and reminding everyone makes me feel a bit better as it means the pets will be safe on calming treats and not all stressed out. It is so sad that the shelters fill up because of people thinking a pet is a good gift but not thinking it through properly as it is the pets that pay the price in the end not the humans. Pets have feelings and emotions also and it is so important to remember that they are for life.
      Happy New Year with hugs from us

  7. Yes! This has been a jam-packed 2023 and so ready for a fresh start! It’s a blessing you have your Mom, Layla, and thank goodness she rescued you. I didn’t realize January is such a time for “dumping” pets. So sad and cruel. Adopting and caring for a pet is a lifetime commitment, and unfortunately, many don’t even think that far ahead. Thanks for sharing the safety tips and reminders as the New Year approaches to keep animals safe. I wish you and your Mom a happy, healthy prosperous 2024!

    • Kamira thank you for visiting our blog this year, it is so sad what happens at shelters in January and the pets pay the price because of the humans who have no brains and do not plan ahead as I agree with you pets are for life and are family.
      I am very blessed to have Layla in my life and cannot see myself without her.
      May 2024 be a good healthy peaceful New Year for you and your family

  8. Love your New Year’s pic, Miss Layla! I hope it wasn’t awful with fireworks. I do not know when or why they started that tradition. We’d all be fine if they just stop. I hope you get some nice weather so you and your momma can get back out for some more fun adventures…but that is wonderful Momma has snuffle mats for you! Happy New Year – here’s to a healthy, joyful, Happy New Year!

    • Dorothy thank you for your compliment it is one of my favorite photos of Layla in her smiling days. I hate the fireworks and personally I think it is a macho thing and needs to stop for the sake of everyone as it is a waste of money that could be donated and used for better things. I cannot wait for a break in the rain also so we can get out of the house and go somewhere for fun. May 2024 be a healthy happy peaceful year for you and your family

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