Hoppy Happy Easter

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When Spring arrives, Easter arrives, and everyone is hopping for chocolates plus some parents are busy buying bunnies for their kids. This is a sore subject for me as so many bunnies, like other pets, are bought for a holiday and then dumped in a shelter or as some do which is so stupid is let them loose in the fields where they cannot survive.  So if you want a bunny for your child get them a toy, one that does not need care and will not be thrown out as such when your child is bored with it. Bunnies, like so many pets are family, and you do not want to be dumped by a family member then please do not do the same to your bunny.

Layla at a pet event a couple of years ago


Easter can also be hazardous to your pets; I am listing below the hazards to keep your pets safe especially when it comes to chocolate or candies with Xylitol.


Happy Easter to everyone, we hope you have a wonderful fun weekend with your family, please be safe


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10 Replies to “Hoppy Happy Easter”

  1. This is such critical information! I couldn’t agree with you more that buying a furry friend as a disposable product is simply NOT ok! (I could get on my soap box about this as well).

    Your list of hazards to avoid with pets is critical, especially with the Animal Poison Control Hotline number. This is something every pet parent should know or save to have easy access to if ever needed.

    Layla is absolutely adorable with her Peeps and stuffed bunny. So cute! Henry and I wish you both a very happy Easter as well.

    • Thank you Terri, it is so important to remind people about our furry friends although it is sad also that they do not think about it when buying them as they are not disposable. As for the Hazards we need to be reminded as I always say rather be safe than sorry and the Hotline nUmber is a must in every home.
      I love her bunny ears and bunny in her paws, just adorable and thanks for your compliment.

      Layla and I wish you a Happy Easter with lots of fun and easter egg hunting. Be safe

  2. I could not believe how stupid people are to buy a live rabbit or a little goose chick as if its a toy then dump it. I hope they suffer a similar fate – it is pure ignorance and heartlessness.

    You are right to remind us all about the dangers too. People forget in these stressful times.

    • Marjorie it makes me sick to see what people do and as much as we speak out against it you have those ignorant people that carry on doing it, it should be banned but unfortunately money speaks louder than the lives of the animals, it is heartbreaking.

      We need to be reminded as rather be safe than sorry when it comes to our pet safety

  3. I will never understand the desire to buy bunnies for chicks as Easter gifts. Unless you’re committed to step up and care for these pets for the years to come, a stuffed animal is a much more reasonable option!

    • Britt you are so right and I cannot understand it either, yes they are cute, but they are a life time commitment and people do not think of that, all they think of is the gift giving on a living animal, it is so sad

  4. Oh, my, goodness…Miss Layla, you look so AH-dorable in your bunny ears!
    Always great to share the cautions. And I so agree about the beautiful little bunnies. We had someone once “surprise” my daughter with a real one for Easter without asking us first. The bunny was beautiful and of course we loved it, but I would have preferred my then-very younger toddler to have waited a few more years. So good message as many do drop them off at shelters (So heartbreaking. Bunnies really are wonderful, smart pets. We went on to ad another years later and he lived to 13, was potty-trained, loved to cozy up to my daughter and she’d read to it, take it around in her Barbie car, let me clip its nails, and it grew up with a puppy we adopted!) People really need to think about things…and not give pets as gifts. We hope you both had a lovely Easter!

    • I love those bunny ears on her also, she does look cute. It is sad that we have to speak out for the bunnies so people realize they are not toys and then to be dumped. I love your story about your bunny and daughter, I am sure he had an amazing life as you are such an amazing animal lover. Thank you so much for sharing and would love to see photos of them in the Barbie car 🙂 Have a safe wonderful week as always

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