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Woof from chilly San Francisco.

Winter has arrived and it has been cold especially at nights so Mom has been tucking me in at nights with extra blankets and putting a t-shirt on for extra warmth. I do not like the rain but if you have to go you have to go so our walks have shortened a bit actually I make Mom walk in the rain and I wherever possible walk under the eaves of the buildings.

When there is a lull in the rain then we go to the park for a bit like on Sunday which was pawsome as there was sun also but Mom explained those afternoons in the park are ending till spring arrives. I am not happy as I will not be seeing all my friends and especially won’t be seeing my treat uncles – grrrr. So please tell Mom that I need extra treats from her.

I always make sure I have a stock of sliced beef neck bones for Layla which keep her busy chewing on during the day. She gets one a day and is very happy. Another reason I do that is to cut down on all the treats as this has meat on so she is actually eating food which is better for her weight in the long run.

The past month or so I have been experimenting with food for Layla as I want to take her off the Grandma Lucy and make everything from scratch at home. Excluding her supplements which I add to her food. Although Grandma Lucy has not had any recalls I am tired of seeing how many are happening and got to the point that if I live off home cooked food she is going to also.

After a lot of trial and error, as Miss picky eater can be impossible, especially LOL if she sees chunks of veggies and Oy the peas are a big no, I made up a green smoothie for her with blanched vegetables (some that have to be cooked are) and when blending the veggies kept the vegetable stock with them. I add the smoothie to her chicken broth. It is working wonders and am really happy as her diet is so balanced and healthy and she is gobbling it up.

What is her smoothie : Celery, spinach, asparagus, peas, green beans, pumpkin, carrots, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and zuchinni. I also added some blue berries and apples for the fruit. I made enough for at least two months and have frozen it in portions to make life easier.

She does get green lipped mussels, coconut oil and other supplements in her food so personally I think it is very very balanced. I also put in her food is Rooibos Tea – or as they say in the US Redbush Tea – it is a South African tea that I grew up with, and was told it was good for pets, did some research and we now both are drinking it.

Does anyone have any other suggestions – am open to all ideas.

I love cooking, studied it and have a degree in Classical French cooking, it is therapy for me and a wonderful way to relax so doing this makes me really happy. I am also this winter going to be experimenting with different foods from different countries for me, when you stuck indoors in bad weather that for me is the solution LOL.

So on this cookery note Layla is sleeping of course in her box, and I am off to some meetings as someone in the family has to make money LOL.

Have a wonderful week all
With a woof and love

28 Replies to “Let’s woof about food”

  1. Yes, winter and rain are two of my least favourite things, though we do need both. I am glad that I do not have to go for walks, though I do still have to go outdoors to use the bathroom, as it were. Sounds like you guys have struck a happy medium on the food front, and natural tends to be best so I hope it works well going forwards. Not so easy for me, being a cat, but there are still ‘natural’ choices šŸ˜‰ MOL
    Have a lovely week and hope it isn’t too burdened by work.

  2. I am with you about all the recalls. I’ve been sharing so many that it really leaves me with an uneasy feeling about them all. My dogs’ food company did actually address this by coming out with a notice that says it does not affect their food at all, which I was happy to see. Still, I do cook up a good portion of their food and add in veggies and pumpkin. I know Layla is going to love her momma’s home cooking! Thanks for joining in our Flashback Friday Blog Hop, too!

    • Morning Dorothy, you are an amazing Mom with your dogs and love your Friday Blog Hop. Yup I agree too many recalls so rather cook šŸ™‚

  3. Layla, I don’t like peas either! Lucky you to have a mom who cares about you so much she makes your food herself. That’s so much better than commercial dog food, even Grandma Lucy’s.

    • I do it more because I am tired of all recalls etc and feel safer knowing what she is eating. The pea story am learning not many life peas LOL

    • I cook once a week by putting a chicken in the slow cooker, cooling it and then chopping up and adding the smoothie so it does not take that much time plus I freeze in portions.

    • Happy Weekend to you too Lola, and yes I studied cooking as I love being in the kitchen, it relaxes me so turned a hobby into something more.

  4. I’m always so impressed at how you whip up delicious healthy food & treats – nowvI understand, you are trained in culinary arts! That smoothie sounds amazing, a masterpiece! Layla is so lucky. I just boil chicken with carrots & sweet potatoes…..when I’m feeling ambitious.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • LOL Cathy I find cooking to be relaxing for me also and that is why I think I am enjoying it. The smoothie is only because she picks out the veggies otherwise LOL. I do the meat in the slow cooker so it is not that much work – love to all of you

    • Great idea earlier walks and I am also looking forward to the days getting longer. I love cooking for Layla and she loves it too LOL

  5. Layla you have such a good mommy! It’s good to know she’s doing well with adjusting to a diet including home cooked meals. Great job mom! Keep your baby healthy for the long haul. Stay blessed and Happy Holidays!

  6. I’ve always known that Layla is a very lucky dog. I’m surprised she likes Brussel Sprouts, but not peas. I hope the weather surprises you with some days nice enough to go to the park!

    • Beth I hide all so she does not know she is eating it LOL -method to my madness. I am also hoping the weather will hold out a bit more but it has been freezing here

  7. Layla has such a good momma! I think I’m coming over, those smoothies sound yummy. I am such a foodie and sure do like to bake and cook more in the colder weather, and of course, that in turn puts some more insulation on me that I’ll have to work at in the spring! LOL! Happy cooking!

    • Thanks and cannot wait to hear what you have made. I also love cooking more in the winter as it is cold and we are stuck inside. Happy Cooking to you too !

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