I saw lots of Santa’s

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Good morning fur friends,

How are you all and we hope you are staying warm and toasty but at the same time I always think and worry about the poor pets that are left outside.

This past weekend was hectic here as there were so many Santa events going on I did not know where to start with them. Bless San Francisco.

On Saturday was Santacon which is where everyone dresses as Santa – hits the bars and by the evening you have loads of drunken Santas’ all over the streets. It is a fundraising event where they try to collect as many toys as possible for the kids that need Christmas presents – the toys are dropped off at different locations so in one way it is serious but in another way it is fun. Last year our park was red with Santas’ but this year it was really quiet. I only saw three and managed to get a picture of Layla with them.

On Sunday was the skivvy run which is a fundraiser for the AIDS Foundation. Layla and I went to check it out, it was lots of fun plus of course she got a picture with Santa Claus. Actually all the photographers there took pictures of her too. Not sure who they are but it is ok with me. I hope they managed to raise funds to help this wonderful organization.

She also was spoiled by PAWS as they every year do a delivery of a goodie bag for our pets and she got one too with two new toys and some treats.

All in all it was a crazy but fun weekend. I need to rest LOL.

NOW we must also not forget that with Christmas coming the shelters fill up with irresponsible pet owners dumping their pets with ridiculously sad stories, it is a time for us to adopt a pet and not buy from a breeder. January becomes a nightmare for the over crowded shelters and rescuers work full time trying to save as many as possible. It is not a happy time but a really sad time.

We must also remember that to give a pet as a gift to a kid is something to be thought about carefully as that pet should not pay the price of being dumped at a shelter when the excitement wears off. Please remember that.

Why Shelters fill up in January :

I rescued Layla in January 2011 and I often wonder if she was dumped there as the novelty of having a pet had worn off with the family that dumped her or what was the real reason. She is one of the lucky ones to have been rescued by me but there are so many that are not that lucky.

I am off now to bed to dream about my lucky life with Mom and pray that many will be as lucky as I am.

Woof with love

24 Replies to “I saw lots of Santa’s”

  1. Our pets have never seen a Santa, but two of them have dressed up in Santa suits! This year, I’m making a Christmas card featuring our youngest cat in her costume.

    I agree, the holidays aren’t the best time to adopt. It always concerns me that I see so many visitors to the shelter at this time looking for kittens. I did hear a smart reason for adopting during this time, which is that with people on vacation they have time to help their new pet to acclimate.

    • I try to get Layla to see a Santa every year just for the fun of it. I am so happy you agree that the holidays are not a good time to adopt as everyone is so busy with the holidays and when the reality sets some do not want the pets

  2. Those events sound like a lot of fun! I always hate hearing about pets being given as gifts for holiday presents. Especially when they are given to children who are probably not emotionally or financially prepared to take care of an animal for it’s whole life. I used to do a lot of work with rabbit rescues and it was so sad how many pet rabbits were given as gifts and then dumped shortly after the holidays. With rabbits it happens mostly around Easter, but a bit around Christmas time too.

    • Michelle it kills me inside when people give pets as gifts and a month later or so dump them, that is why I keep talking about it. The events are always fun and a good excuse to be outdoors on a cold day LOL

    • Lola I have been reading about the one in NYC and this was was not calm but hey its a fundraiser and everyone is having fun. I am lucky that they let me let her pose with them

  3. Ah I remember hearing about Santacon. I’ve never ventured out to see but I hear it’s always an adventure. Looks like you had a blast but definitely understand the need for a nap. So happy your mom gave you a forever home many years ago. It’s so sad that so many pets get surrendered by their owners for shallow reasons or not giving for thought as to the responsibility it takes to be a pet parent.

    • Kamira I love doing the fun Christmas events especially as they are fundraisers and yes Madam needed a nap after all that LOL. I am so lucky to have rescued her and count my blessings daily. The amount of pets surrendered is horrific and heartbreaking and that is why need to be their voice.

  4. Santacon looks a lot of fun.

    Some of the excuses for pet return are shockingly LAME.
    Landlord doesn’t allow pets. WHY LET SOMEONE GIVE YOU ONE!
    No time to train a puppy. WHY ASK FOR ONE OR ACCEPT IT AS A GIFT!

    * Bangs head against the wall *

    • Marjorie don’t bang your head please you will get a headache but I agree with you that people do not think it through and then wake up to the reality. Santacon was a lot of fun

  5. I still can’t understand why someone would get bored of a dog after a few months… yeah, the first year is tough, especially when you have a puppy, but it’s a lifetime of friendship, I don’t understand how people take that for granted.

  6. Wow! What fun! Oh, this post brings to mind one of my favorite old Christmas songs, but with a little twist… ♬ “I saw Layla kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night…” And a great message about getting pets during the holiday season. Sweet dreams of sugarplums (and dog treats), Layla!

  7. Pets are a big responsibility and while for some people a pet is an appropriate gift, I don’t think a pet should be given on a whim. I like the idea of giving someone an adoption certificate and supplies and letting the person pick out their new pet.

    All of my kids had their own pets starting at about 9 years old. However, they chose the individual pets and were responsible for them. At the same time, it was my job to make sure they were taking good care of their pets. My son’s rabbit is 12 years old and still going strong.

    When my father-in-law passed, my mother-in-law told all of us that she did NOT want a pet. She was afraid that someone would give her a pet to help keep her company.

    • Beth they are a responsibility and I feel if someone wants to give a kid a pet they should take the kids to the shelters and learn how to be responsible there before giving one to them. I had pets from a young age also, a variety, but we had to look after them and could not get away from it. I love that the rabbit is still going strong at 12 years old that says so much about the care he is getting. I agree with your mother-in-law she is being upfront and saying how she feels and that is great.

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