Countdown to Christmas

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Woof Fur friends,

How are you ? Are you getting excited for Christmas ? I am although Mom says I got all my gifts for Hanukkah so she is not sure if I will get something for Christmas. I call that unfair and discrimination BOL. What do you think ?

We have been busy as always although it was raining I decided to stay indoors unless I had to do my business and watched Mom run around doing errands and getting wet.

My new game is when I hear the leash I go hide in my box and refuse to move which makes Mom mad sometimes as she says she has no time for all my games like that as she has things to do. Too bad, I do not want my paws wet.

I also made sure on the errand list was my favorite bones and warned her that if she did not come home with them I would bark at her.  Guess what she listened to my orders so I am one happy girl here.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went on an adventure to Pier 33 as we were planning to go to Alcatraz. The weather was great and warm although Mom, being Jewish bundled me up in a hoodie just in case. Grrrrr I hate clothing. This was an organized fun day out by PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) and when we got there although they had been told that dogs could go, they said no when we wanted to board. There was another dog also who was turned away. So we just spent time wandering around the pier and then came home. It is very interesting as Federal places do not allow Assistance Dogs even with all the legal paperwork but service dogs yes. State Parks allow dogs, so a lesson was learned and as Mom said if Layla cannot go neither would she. So bang went the idea of seeing Alcatraz.

Our plans for the coming days is Mom is working and I am just bossing her around when I want to go out or to the park and she has promised me as soon as the weather is nice again she will take me somewhere. I cannot wait as I love riding on the trams and smelling and seeing other places plus of course getting lots of pets from strangers. Best of all BOL of course is Mom carries me in the backpack part of the way, ohhhhhh I am a lady of luxury.

As we mentioned in our last blog and reminding everyone again, this is a happy time for some but a miserable time for others. So many pets are being dumped at shelters and I am noticing more and more how many seniors which is even more upsetting. I have been staying up late at nights with others cross posting everywhere to try save as many as possible. I am slowly giving up on people and their cruelty. A pet is for life, not for how you feel, and I question all the time how many  of them dump their senior family at different places as they are too lazy to be responsible and care for them. It just makes me sick.

Mom also wants to add in memory of my sister which we do every year is the Christmas Tree in the dog park my sister used to go to. What they do is decorate one of the trees and put all the photos up of all the dogs, I think it a great idea and there are times like this that I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her.

NOW before I forget I want to wish all my fur friends Happy Holidays, may you have a wonderful time with your families who you are blessed to have, and I cannot wait to hear what you found under the Christmas Tree.

Woofing lots of love,

PS. A reminder of the Christmas hazards for our pets which we must not forget

26 Replies to “Countdown to Christmas”

  1. That is so upsetting that they discriminate against Assistance dogs. Now going by backpack does sound like luxury, indeed, I have to go by car and carrier, generally though I do not want to go which maybe accounts for it 😉 MOL
    Have a wonderful christmas, and may it be filled with your favourite bones and treats. And may all those in the shelters find homes, too.

  2. I think you will still find a little something in your stocking. It makes us sick to see all the senior animals being dumped. I have given up on people and their ability to be cruel but there are still a lot of amazing people like you.

    • Melissa I cannot keep quiet as it kills me inside. Yes Layla will have her pink stocking with something inside shhhhhhhhhh LOL – Merry Christmas to all of you

    • I am just so upset also and just cannot understand how people can do that to their pets. I was upset about Alcatraz but it happens

  3. I don’t even know where to start with such an information packed update!! I’ve been to the pier and Alcatraz, and I had the best sourdough bread I have ever had in my life from a bakery on that pier! I feel your frustration and sadness about people who so casually dump animals, especially older ones with often little hope of getting out alive. I’m sure your cross posting efforts will make a difference. Have a lovely holiday and I’m sure your mom will cave, no way will she let you celebrate without presents!!

    • I love the sour dough bread from the bakery and I love the pier just to wander around. Thanks for understanding my frustration about people dumping animals.
      Have a wonderful holiday also

  4. I know it is hard to think of people putting their pets up for adoption, but there are people who make that choice because they have run out of options. I don’t know why Theo was taken to the shelter, but I know it was a difficult choice for his previous person. The shelter worker told me she was very distressed and crying. Theo was well loved before he ever met us, and I’m glad that she chose to give him up so we had the chance to have him our family. We need more people and organizations to help those who want to keep their pets, so they don’t have to give them up.

    • Beth there are those and then there are those that dump their pets with ridiculous excuses and go and adopt another. The shelters are over flowing at the moment thanks to those awful people

  5. Layla, our doggie cousin hates going out in the rain! He won’t eat or drink when it’s raining so he doesn’t have to pee! Oh, and we definitely think you should get a Christmas gift, too. We think your mom could find just one more.

    • I got her something and Madam is not short of anything LOL. I am so sorry about your doggie cousin and the rain, Layla agrees with him it is awful

  6. Oh I’m so sorry your plans to visit Alcatraz never happened. That sucks! I know that’s one place I never got to visit when I traveled up north. I hope to one day. Sorry Layla. I’m happy for you your mom finds other ways to spoil you. You are one lucky lady. Happy holidays to you both!

  7. I’m always looking for places to take Plush and it is hard to find places that will let pets in. I mean I get it if it has food, but why wouldn’t they let you in Alcatraz? I guess the historic landmark aspect and fear of getting it ruined? Glad you were able to have a good day anyway.

  8. Merry Christmas! Pets are such a precious gift in our lives, even if they’re sometimes tough to deal with and expensive at times,they’re so worth it, and I hope more people are starting to realize that.

    • I wish I had an answer as I question myself all the time but one thing I feel is those that dump a pet at a shelter should be black listed so that they cannot get another

  9. I’ve always wanted to take a tour of Alcatraz! I have not even been to California yet! Here I was getting all excited that you’d be sharing pics for us armchair travelers to enjoy, and boo, they wouldn’t let you attend?! Unfair!

    Oh, I do share in your frustration of people dumping pets off at shelters. We know of so many Huskies that are bought as gifts (grrrr…so many need to be adopted because of this, folks do not do their homework on the breed and find out after it’s not for them, so they add to the overcrowded shelter epidemic). Education is so key, so one of my wishes is that our information reaches the masses who add to this constantly growing shelter crisis.

    • Dorothy I promise in the New Year I am going to go and will leave Layla at home 🙁

      I am so frustrated over people dumping their pets it actually makes my blood boil. Education is the key but unfortunately there are those that do not want to be educated.

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