Middle of January already

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Morning Everyone from rainy San Francisco,

Today we are expecting a major rain storm which means me getting wet but BOL Mom has to go to work so she will be swimming there while I sleep cozily in my bed. This is the life, Mom working, I have food, treats and a warm bed while she is out there suffering, I like that and call it Karma as she makes me walk in the rain.

It will be soon my gotcha day and Mom and I were discussing how I was dumped in the shelter and how lucky I am today especially when she sees the amount of dogs that have been dumped, it breaks our heart and she told me she wish she could afford a brother or sister for me. I am not sure if I want one though as I love being the only child.

Since I took Layla off the dog food and only cooking at home including her veggie smoothies I have noticed she has lost some weight. She was never over weight so this is worrying me a bit. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about it as he only cooks for his dogs and has a senior, a little older than Layla and he told me that the same thing happened to him and I must not worry. He did suggest I only use the brown meat of the chicken as it is fattier and add a little brown rice to her food for carbohydrates. So as I got a Power Cooker as a gift from friends I made up some brown meat chicken for her yesterday with a little brown rice and of course all the veggies. When I made the smoothie of the veggies, zucchini, carrots, spinach, parsley, peas and green beans, plus some apple and blueberries, I added the rice so she would not know she is eating it as she spits the rice out LOL. She ate all her food yesterday and today so I am hoping this will help solve that problem and if not her annual vet visit is next month so will ask the vet. She is not drinking more than normal which I am relieved about.

I am finding it hard to find in some ways the perfect balance as I am always worried that I am doing something wrong so if anyone has any input am open to it. She is also getting a teaspoon of goats milk in her food, plus green lipped mussels and coconut oil.

This past weekend was basically most of the time indoors because of the rain and next weekend I think it is going to be the same. The Women’s March is on Saturday and I am debating whether to go or not, Layla in her backpack of course but will decide on Saturday when I see the weather forecast.

So life has not been that exciting this past week thanks to the rain and I think we are going to be stuck inside till the weather changes.

For those that are in the snow or colder weather, stay safe and warm

Woof with love from Layla

30 Replies to “Middle of January already”

  1. Aw I’m sorry you have to work in the rain! At least it’s supposed to be rain and not snow. We’re supposed to get a ton of snow here this weekend. My dogs love playing in the snow so that’s good, but I’m not looking forward to having to shovel it all. Do you always feed Layla the same recipe? I’d say just be careful she’s getting a balanced diet. I don’t know much about home cooking as I feed raw, but I know with raw it’s important to feed a varied diet rather than the same thing all the time. Is it the same with home cooked or do you just use supplements to prevent deficiencies? I cook treats for my boys, but their main meals are raw. I hope you have an awesome weekend! Try to stay dry.

    • Michelle you have a good point about feeding the same protein and am going to do some research on that – she gets balanced veggie etc wise phew. I cannot give her raw it made her violently ill when I tried and we landed up at the vet. Please stay warm and safe

  2. Hi little Layla – you cutie pie! One thing to try – if she’ll eat it, is sweet potatoes. They are much more nutritional than rice. Also, feed a little bit throughout the day – like green beans, etc. If Layla’s energy is low, perhaps try a little bit of manuka honey – that will help a great deal. We give it to our senior and it does make a big difference. You are a great mom – and Layla is lucky to have you!!

    • Aww thanks Rebecca for your input and will for definite look into it. She gets pumpkin in all her food and I think you have a good point and honey will help plus it is good for so many issues. I am blessed to have her

  3. Better the rain than the snow! We were supposed to get two feet but we only got 8 inches. And then it started icing.

    I think her dinner sounds pretty good but you might want to do research to how it compares to the NRC values. There’s a diet designer program you can use to balance it. It is super overwhelming though.

  4. You are a sensible dog mom watching her charge’s health. You are dong the right things for her.

    I cannot cook for 8 cats so I monitor their health the best I can. Harvey is the only senior and his kidney issues are manages as best I can by mixing Fancy Feast (which he loves) with kidney formula (which he doesn’t!).

  5. It has to be hard to know exactly what you should be feeding your dog, especially when you are cooking for her yourself. I know I’m concerned my girls are getting the correct food and I purchased canned food for them. I hope Layla is okay.

    • Thanks and Layla is okay phew. I do not want to start with canned or dried foods as I do not trust them but read your blog where you found they are working for your cats.

  6. Layla sure does look cozy in her box. The snow is deeper than my dogs are tall right now so they will be staying on the paths in our yard. It is really really cold, so none of us want to go outside anyhow.

  7. We are dealing with tons of snow and an extreme cold weather warning – it feels like -40 out there. I think I might prefer rain at this junction. Sometimes I wonder why we choose to live her. LOL On the food front we have our meals made from scratch too but never the same thing for more than 3 days (a batch will last that time) then we switch up. Trying to avoid allergies or intolerance that come from eating the same thing too often. You?

    PS: liking the new look!

    • Thanks for your compliment, I like it too and am going to change the proteins and see what happens also, am trying to balance her food here. Stay warm

  8. I can’t believe it’s mid January either, time certainly is flying. I hope Layla remains in good health. You take such good care of her. The rice for carbs is a good addition I think.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs luv us and we luv them

    • I love them too as she does not know what veggies she is eating LOL. It has been sunny the past few days after a week of rain and January is slow but going fast if that makes sense.

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