It is Layla’s Gotcha Day 31 January

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Wednesday has arrived and tomorrow is Layla’s gotcha day. I cannot believe she has been with me for 8 years WOW, it seems like yesterday she arrived a matted mess from the shelter.
I am not sure how many of you know her story, but she was one of the unlucky ones to be dumped by her family at the age of about 6 for the same reason everyone else dumps their pets, no time.

I saw her online sitting in the shelter, the photo said it all, my friend rescued her and another brought her to me and the rest is history.  Layla has come a long way from being a scared shy dog and I am blessed daily to have her in my life.

This is one of the reasons I think I am so paranoid when she does not feel well whether upset tummy, allergies or anything else and I am doing my utmost to keep her as healthy as possible.

She has always hopped with her left back leg up and the vets have never worried about it, but with aging I have become more concerned so have been doing research on different products which will make sure she is not in pain or uncomfortable.

Through my research I came across this company, Restorative Botanicals that make Hemp products specifically for pets plus humans and contacted them as their products sounded exactly what I was looking for for Layla.

They were kind enough to send me their 4 Paws Hemp Oil Extract which  supports Weary Muscles and Joints, Calming Disposition and Overall Health. It is made with Certified Colorado hemp, cod liver oil and cold pressed organic, virgin hemp seed oil, in a well balanced nutritional blend designed to keep your companion feeling calm, healthy and comfortable.

Since I have been using it on Layla I have noticed her to be calmer, especially with me starting a new job and not home in the afternoons, when she walks she is not hopping as much unless she starts running which is not that often. It is something I have been looking for and so happy I found.

Another product I received from them and I am so happy with this is their 4Paws PET Hemp Extract Topical Relief Balm. As you all know Layla suffers from allergies and then of course it causes hot spots. I am so against all the topical sprays so when I saw this I thought to myself WOW, perfect for her.

You all know from my last blog we went to the beach about 10 days ago and Madam has been scratching since. Between that and the warm weather last week and park, Missy started a little hot spot and I immediately rubbed the balm on her. It worked wonders, she stopped chewing on herself, calmed down and I found that within one day the hot spot was nearly healed. It was so great to see that and not have to worry about her getting an upset tummy from licking it, as the Hemp Extract Topical Relief Balm is safe and relaxes her, in a nutshell a must in a persons first aid box.

The company also surprised me with a gift of Muscle & Joint Cream which I have been using on my ankle and feeling so much better plus a bottle of Spice Flavor Restore Calm Hemp Oil Supplement which is really helping me to stay calm.

I want to say thanks to them for making our lives calmer and mine more relaxed for sponsoring us with these products.

If you want to learn more about them, below is their link:

The difference I have found with Layla when it comes to CBD oil or Whole Plant Hemp Oil, I am more and more preferring the Whole Plant Hemp oil as I am finding she is calm but not sleepy, eating better and much more herself. I personally think in the future I will be using Whole Plant Hemp oil with her and not CBD oil.

With the research I have also learnt the difference between Whole Plant Hemp Oil and CBD Oil and am happy to share here so we all understand it better.

Within the hemp plant, there are numerous cannabinoids and other phytonutrients.  A good full-spectrum hemp oil will include all of this material in the same proportion that occurs naturally in the plant – and that’s our belief – for maximum effectiveness, you need a full-spectrum, whole plant extract.  Plus, when all of these materials work together in the body to support the endocannabinoid system, it’s known as the “entourage effect”. (Thank you Rick from Restorative Botanicals) for the explanation.

“CBD” (CBD isolate) products contain only the CBD cannabinoid without all of the other beneficial materials – and therefore may not be as effective as the full spectrum whole plant extract.

So the question now is what am I going to do for her gotcha day LOL. Madam is spoiled all year round so decided for her birthday am going to get her her favorite for dinner, chicken livers and gizzards mixed with chicken, she will be in heaven from that.

I am now off to work, Layla is sleeping, everyone please stay warm in these freezing temperatures, take care and be safe

With a woof from us

40 Replies to “It is Layla’s Gotcha Day 31 January”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day to both of you, I know how much you enrich each other’s lives! That’s very interesting to read about hemp oil and cbd oil. I don’t know all that much about either one, other than how many of my group members swear by cbd oil. I wonder if hemp has the same effects on things like pain and dementia. I’m impressed by the generosity of the company and I’m going to go check them out right now! Thanks for such helpful info.

    • Thanks Hindy and thank you for just everything. I am also learning daily and it is great and with Layla getting older their products are fantastic.

  2. Happy gotcha day Layla!! Glad to hear the hemp product is helping her. I use CBD for my older dog, Kitsune, to help with his arthritis and for my younger dog, Fenrir, to help with his anxiety. Fenrir “hops” a bit on one of his back legs too. The vet says it’s very low grade luxating patella. If it ever gets worse there’s a surgery the vet can do to fix it, but luckily so far it’s stayed the same and hasn’t gotten bad enough to require surgery. I hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Layla!!! I hoped Ma spoiled you rotten from dawn to dusk, it’s what you deserve. Hemp based products have really taken off, especially for pets. I’m so glad you found some relief with these products. Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. Hope Layla had a wonderful Gotcha Day! From reading your posts the last few years, I can see how much you both mean to each other. Layla looks amazing and I would have assumed she was about 5 or 6.

    I have wanted to try Hemp & CBD oil with Ruby. Thanks for the information. Restorative Botanicals sounds like a wonderful company and I will definitely check them out!

  5. Hemp oil works wonders, but you definitely need to get it from the right source! The balm sounds excellent, I’ve been looking for something I can apply topically to Cow’s skin when she itches that she wouldn’t lick. Does she try to lick it off?

    • Lindsay because it is an oily balm she licks at it but some stays on and the plus with it is that it relaxes her also then so it’s a win win situation

  6. Congrats on your 8th anniversary! Hemp-based products are being used in many products these days and becoming so available. Even people who were initially skeptics of these products are now finding them useful. I hadn’t heard of the balm to help with itching. I’ll have to try it.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Layla – how fabulous! Interesting about the CBD versus hemp. We use CBD quite a bit for serious pain, and hemp has helped with other issues. For Spike’s neurology we only use CBD. I’m so glad you’ve found something that helps Layla – you two are such a delight and make me smile every time I see you come across my feed!

    • Thanks Rebecca and am happy you are also using them, you should check out this company whose products are amazing for us also.

  8. I NEED some of this for Harvey! Please send some as soon as possible. Wait, bring it yourself and have a holiday too, the weather is great right now!

    Some of your paragraphs stick together making your great post a bit harder to read. Do you need help sorting it out?

    • Hi Marjorie and I know I messed up there and sitting on it this morning to sort it out. I wish I could come visit hey and maybe stay LOL but cannot. International shipments are accepted for their products so you can check into it.

  9. Happy (belated) Gotcha Day to both of you! All of those products sound remarkable. Nelly suffers terribly from allergies in the summer. I’ll look into the Topical Relief Balm for her.

  10. Happy days Layla! You got lucky when your mom found you in the shelter – I’m sure she feels the same. Those products sound great. I’m going to see what they have for cats. I like the full spectrum products too.

    • Hi Holly and thank you and yes they do have products for cats so it is worth checking into. If you have any questions let me know, have a great week

  11. Happy Gotcha Day Miss Layla! I have had such results with full-spectrum hemp oil with my pups, too. Having seniors, I am now dealing with arthritis issues, loss of appetite, on top of GI issues, and I have noticed quite a difference. I am so glad you found something works for Layla! It is nice to be able to give them something that helps make them comfortable that is not a pharmaceutical. Enjoy your Gotcha Month! (Treats every day?!)

    • Morning Dorothy, thank you and like you am happy to have found a product that works for her and not a chemical. She is being spoiled rotten with treats LOL.

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