Rain rain go away, its a long weekend and I want to play

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Friday has finally arrived. I am on my last week of work and then will be taking a bit of a break and spending some more time with Layla.

Last Friday Layla went for a groom, I cannot believe the prices here in San Francisco and they are the same everywhere in the city. For Layla it costs approximately 85 dollars without a tip, BUT it is worth it on the other hand as she is looking clean, healthy and not so scraggly like a ragamuffin.

I am a little snob and sexy

Over the weekend the weather was awful, cold and raining, and everything that I had planned to do I cancelled so Layla and I spent quality time together.

We did meet with some friends for coffee but I felt like I was swimming there with Madam in her back pack quite cozy while I dripped from the rain BOL.

On Sunday when there was a break in the rain I walked her to our favorite pet store to stock up on some Turkey tendons which is her new favorite, AND BOL, guess what ? Madam peed in the pet store next to a box of kitty litter. I nearly died of embarrassment but the staff laughed and told me some other dog had just peed there also. So what can I say but she was testing the kitty litter.

The Boss is ordering me around

This whole week the weather has  been cold and dreary and  I must admit I think both of us have cabin fever at the moment. So let’s hope this weekend, especially as it is a long one, we will have some sunshine and then we will be able to visit a different park which is what I am planning to do at the moment.

So as you can see, our fur friends and families, our week this week has not been so exciting and we need to do something about it.

Have a wonderful long weekend with all your family, both two legged and four legged and your friends, we cannot wait to hear what your plans are.

With a woof with love


18 Replies to “Rain rain go away, its a long weekend and I want to play”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your week has been so dreary. There has been nothing but rain around here too. I think Layla’s haircut looks terrific! She is a true beauty. I will be helping to run an enormous garage sale this weekend. It should be a good time.

  2. Layla you look gorgeous! Now you can enjoy your relaxing weekend with Mum looking fabulous. Enjoy the weekend and maybe you’ll have time to strut your stuff outside in the sunshine.

    • Thanks Kamira and I love the hair cut also. We managed some sun yesterday but otherwise it is dreary and rainy.

  3. wow, Layla looks so spiffy in her new trim! Haha, my Reno once peed in the pet store. He was riding in the cart basket and he peed right through the cart holes.. it left a trail.. pretty embarrassing, yes, but I noticed the store was equipped with plenty of available paper towel rolls, haha.
    Rainy in CA? How often does that happen?
    Have a nice long weekend.

    • It is raining more than usual and I just wish it would stop. Thanks for the compliment and she does, I love it. As for peeing in the pet store they are prepared but even so it is embarrassing, so I understand you

  4. Oh boy your weather is really wet and dreary! I hope you get some bright days soon, I know a dog loves a good walk.

    Prices for grooming? Has to be a necessary evil eh? You have to look presentable and clean so people admire you on walks!

    • I agree with you the weather has just become ridiculous and hopefully the sun soon will shine. As for the price of grooming it is just ridiculous and the groomers are fully booked, I think they make more money than doctors LOL

  5. I hope you have a great weekend! I know that our local pet store has a cleaning station in the center of the store because of frequent accidents. I had to clean up after Sophie once, and I was quite embarrassed, but a clerk pointed out that it was a common occurrence there.

  6. Seems like it has been rainy and dull everywhere this week. We had Woofstock, a huge annual outdoor festival for dogs, this weekend and poured yesterday but sunny today. Kilo would have hated it sadly but I had fun.

  7. We guess there are extremes of all types of weather. You’re fighting the rain and we’re fighting the heat. All of our flowers and our grass are beginning to wilt and die. It’s in the 100s this week.

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