Do you know what day today is ?

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TGIF !!  Friday has arrived, the weather is warming up and that means adventures woof.

Mom has had her vaccines so she is good to go is all I can say. I am really getting excited here as life has become boring and I am tired of walking the same routes every day. I know there is lots to smell but I am bored so it is time Mom takes me places. I will make sure she wears her mask and we do social distancing.

Last Saturday we went to the opening of a new pet store, it was such a hassle to get there, they had advertised that they would be giving free toys for the dogs, and other goodies and I personally can say it was a waste of time. The staff knew nothing when I asked them for something, they had rows of rawhide which is such a no no that for me, Mom it was a one and only time I will go there. Will stick to the local store instead which I love.

Now very important, today is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day.

Each year, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on April 30th to raise  awareness for the thousands of pets that are waiting and needing for  adoption from the sheltersAnimal shelters require year-round assistance and adoption is a part of the process.

I am a rescued dog, Mom adopted me from the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles over 10 years ago and living the life of a princess and that is why Mom and I discuss this every year as we want others to have the same opportunity I got. There are so many pets sitting in cages in shelters desperately looking for homes, we see it on social media and we all need to step up and help them, we cannot be silent.

We must also not forget that black pets are harder to get adopted than others so please remember them when looking.

Below is a list of what we must not forget when we go to a shelter to adopt a dog:

Here are links where you can search, I found Layla on PetHarbor. 

Please also remember that if you want a pure bred dog you can also find them in a shelter or rescue organization, why pay a breeder when you can save one instead.

So now that I have spoken up for those that do not have a voice, I  reminded everyone how important it is to open your home to an adopted dog as they are not to blame for being in the shelters, the humans are to blame for dumping them there, which is so not fair and as Mom says may Karma get those humans.

Please take care everyone and have a great weekend

With a woof and love from


10 Replies to “Do you know what day today is ?”

  1. I am honestly surprised that rawhide is still as popular and readily available as it is, considering all of the risks involved with it. It’s past time that we recognize that there are better options and stores stop pushing rawhide (especially with newer dog owners that may not know better).
    Huge shoutout to all the incredible rescue workers and volunteers out there that make it possible for us to connect with dogs in need. Both of our dogs are rescues and I wouldn’t change that for the world. My husband and I have committed to only rescuing pets moving forward. There are such incredible dogs just waiting to find their perfect forever home.

    • Britt I was very surprised to see the rawhide also and it was a red flag for me not to go there again.

      I only rescue and a big shout out to all those that rescue and the rescuers, there are so many dogs needing homes including pure bred who needs breeders, would rather the money goes to a shelter or rescue organization. Thank you for agreeing with me

  2. I am guessing that something like Rawhide is cheap to manufacture and these people just want to make a fast buck which is a shame. Pet owners will be loyal to a good shop.

    Rescues and rescuers are the lifeblood of the pet world. there are pedigree rescues, cat rescues for ‘ordinary’ cats and you don’t need to (mostly) buy a cat. OK So sometimes you can’t get the one you want and if you need it use a reputable breeder who has cared for every single cat they care for and sell.

    These people, to be fair, are keeping the breeds alive and in good shape – so I will not say adopt don’t shop as it is too sweeping a statement for me.

    • Marjorie regarding the raw hide, for them money is more important than the health of dogs so will not shop there ever.

      Rescuers are my heroes they do so much to save the pets from shelters, as for breeders they are a no no in my life, and do not deserve anything they should all be shut down.

  3. Excellent reminder to adopt & that so many pets need homes. It’s an ongoing problem, unfortunately. I’m sorry that pet store disappeared you, but I’m glad you can start getting out more!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy I agree we need to be reminded to adopt not shop as these breeders do not want to work but make money off breeding dogs and it has to stop, As for the pet store will not go there again.

      I cannot wait to start going out again with a mask but just to see places.

  4. National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is certainly an important day that deserves all the attention it can get. Sadly, here is the only place I’ve seen it mentioned.

    • Thanks Jana and I try to speak out whenever possible as we need to to stop the breeders. I did see other posts on social medial about that day but not as much as we need to do

    • Paula the raw hide was in a new pet store that just opened and I will not go there again. As for shelter pets there are so many including pure breeds that need homes we all need to speak out more

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