The Mischief Maker Senior in my house

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The weekend has arrived, phew I need it. Layla is full of piss and vinegar as always and I am exhausted.

Living with Layla is never boring, she is a funny little girl that keeps me amused all the time plus for her age she is so full of energy it is exhausting so I decided to share with you this week her quirks, some are new with age.

She loves to walk, once outside we could walk the whole of San Francisco if she had her own way, and we are talking about 4 walks a day, I on the other hand drinks cold coffee in the morning because of her, cold dinners as she times her wanting to walk when I sit down to eat, and her newest quirk now is barking.

She wakes up in the morning and if I do not get ready as she is awake she stands and barks at me ordering me to get moving, and if I take my time she lets me know. We are talking about 7 in the morning and I rush as I do not want her to wake up the neighbors so by the time I get home my coffee has become cold brew.


In the evenings she watches me make dinner, as soon as it’s nearly ready barky starts wanting to go out and bang goes my warm dinner as I take her out to keep her quiet.


Now before you all jump to any conclusions, Layla goes out 4 times a day if not more as I take her shopping with me, so she has ample time to do her business, sniff every leaf on the ground, wag her tail at every dog we pass plus so much more. She is the Boss of the house and I am the slave.


My final laugh over her goes to what she did this week, late afternoon. I live in a building with lots of dogs, it is a secured building so no one can get in or out with unlocking gates. I went to the garbage room to throw out the garbage that is one place I will not take her as I never know what is on the ground there. I came back inside, started preparing dinner when there was a knock on my door. I was surprised she did not bark but did not make a big deal of it till my neighbor outside tells me Layla is sitting on my door mat next to my door. I opened the door and Madam sashayed in wagging her tail thinking she was so smart. I was angry but just laughed so much over it, she is such Velcro should won’t go far without me.


While I am typing this the Boss is now telling me she wants to go under the bed so will I move the covers up for her so she can have her afternoon nap.


Having shared this with you, and I am chuckling at the same time, I can say I would not change any of it for anything in this world. Growing old with a rescued senior dog is quite an adventure and I am so blessed to have her in my life through the good and bad days.

We are family !!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and treasure your memories with you pets

With a woof and love from Layla






16 Replies to “The Mischief Maker Senior in my house”

  1. Oh, Miss Layla! You have me laughing too, as I can just picture that scene! Smarty pants that she is! What a lovely companion she is, plus she is so good at her job – keeping you on your toes! Oh, our beloved furbabies, so happy to have them in our lives!

    Thanks for joining in our blog hop, today, too! I hope you and Layla have a lovely (and not too hot) weekend!

    • Dorothy she is so funny and thanks for your blog hop. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and you have such beautiful furbabies. The weather here is cool thank goodness so we are being able to get out, take care

  2. Aww. Boss Layla keeps you on your toes indeed. She may have her moments but so glad she is a vibrant sassy senior sharing her life journey with you together. Keep making those memories and get your rest in between. Happy weekend!

  3. Layla is such a character! It sounds like she is just so full of personality. She totally tried to trick you when you went out to the garbage area. I’m glad that she was safe and came right back home to you. Thank you for the fun stories!

  4. Yes, she is your family! And it sounds like you two are perfectly matched. Life should be an adventure and Layla makes it one for you everyday. I’m really glad you live in a secured building and she can’t get out and give you an over the top adventure. I bet she was wondering what took you so long to open the door and probably walked in looking for her dinner. Our pups have our numbers. Laugh at her antics and enjoy it. 🙂

    • Terri the way she walked into the apartment was so so funny I laughed so much, her antics keep me on my toes all the time and our life is one big adventure

  5. Your girls such a priceless gem. She always makes me laugh out loud.

    I am guessing she will dine out on that doormat prank for months!!!

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