Happy Friday the 13th everyone

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Smile, its Friday the 13th everyone be safe. My great granny was very superstitious and would be spitting on her hand and touching her head BOL.

The weekend has arrived and we had a great fun weekend last week till Madam hurt herself but thank goodness she is fine and back to being the sassy Madam.

Last Saturday we went to Stern Grove Dog park which for me is heaven, it is a beautiful park near the city with lots of trees and a lake at one end. For me sitting next to water is the best way to balance myself and watching the ducks and turtles was just awesome. There are Coyote warnings all over the park but there were a lot of dogs and people so felt very safe, plus I kept Madam on leash most of the time. Rather be safe than sorry.

Beautiful Stern Grove

Layla watching the ducks but making sure her paws do not get wet

Walking back to the entrance of the park, Madam started slowing down and then hopping with her back left leg in the air. She has always hopped with that leg up but it was more than usual so I was concerned.

As I have lousy eyes and hardly can see I immediately called my neighbors so that I would have two sets of eyes checking her foot for foxtails or something else. They could not find anything so I emailed my vet and he told me to monitor her and give her gaberpentin. I did that and she was thank goodness eating, drinking, no moaning or yelping so kept an eye on her. When it did not clear up by Wednesday I called her groomer who is not far from me and asked her if she could cut her nails and check her paw for me.

Bingo !!!!!!!!!! She has a burr in the fur of her paw, Tomo, my groomer immediately removed it, and Madam is back to Piss and Vinegar. I am so relieved that we did not have to do a vet visit as I did not want to stress her out too much plus sit outside the vet waiting for our turn.

I am also trying a new Dr Harvey’s flavor with her, the Allergy Turkey flavor and she loves it, gobbling down her food like a little pig LOL. Madam with age has become a little pig and me being the Jewish Mom am loving it, the healthier she eats at her age the better.

It has all the veggies she needs plus turmeric and other supplements and so she is eating a really balanced diet.

You can find it on their website :


Plus Layla is reminding everyone there is a coupon : Layla10 to get 10% off.

she cannot eat it fast enough

So on this note I am going to eat dinner while watching her slurp her dinner down,

Have a wonderful safe weekend

Layla the Boss

22 Replies to “Happy Friday the 13th everyone”

  1. I’m so glad that your groomer was able to find that burr! That had to have been really painful. It sounds like Layla is getting spoiled (as usual). That must be some really yummy turkey!

    • I am so relieved also that her groomer found it and she is back to trotting happily along phew. As for being spoiled shhhh I will not let her know LOL

  2. I’m glad you had a great time at the Stone Grove dog park. It’s nice to spend time in nature and watch the wildlife. I’m happy that Layla’s paw was treated and she’s doing fine now. LOL And yes, turmeric does wonders for us as we age!

    • I so love that place Kamira and wish I could go more often, its heaven and I love places in nature to balance myself out and have fresh air. I am also relieved that her paw is fine and she is back to her happy self. I swear by turmeric and if a food or supplement has it I am happier.

  3. I’m glad that it was nothing more than a burr in her paw and your groomer was able to remove it. It goes to show that sometimes it’s the simplest thing but it’s hard for us to figure it out because they can’t just tell us what’s wrong. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could?

    • Britt our lives would be so much easier if they could and yes I agree with you and relieved it was something simple and we did not need a vet to sort it out.

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