July has arrived

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Happy Friday everyone, it is 3 days before 4th of July, a happy holiday but unhappy for pets and wild animals.

I am one of those people that are against fireworks of any kind as it breaks my heart to see how the animals suffer or people who have PTSD, it is so disrespectful, waste of money that can be donated to so many organizations that are struggling.

In Israel this year, some cities cancelled their Fireworks Displays in respect for those that suffer PTSD and I think that is amazing and wish it would happen all over the world.

How can we keep our pets safe during the celebrations, see below and please make sure they are all inside and cannot get out? There are so many hazards for pets that we need to be on alert for.

Update on Layla, she is aging and with it I must face new challenges that are hard but will not change anything in this world. She has halo which has made life so much easier for her and for me, walks are less stressful, and her tail is wagging again which makes me smile. Another thing I am doing is instead of her noon walk I carry her to the park and let her wander around and sleep in the sun while I eat lunch and then we walk home, she is loving it and I sit away from all the other dogs so she is really safe.

She thank goodness is eating like a pig, the mushrooms have made such a difference in her health wise and in a nutshell I am one happy Dog Mom, or as I say we are two seniors enjoying life together.

So on this note we are going to wish everyone a Happy Safe 4th of July, enjoy your family time and whatever else you have planned.

With a woof and love from Layla





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  1. How wonderful that Layla is enjoying her park time again. We’re with you on the fireworks, they are always so scary for our outside feral kitties and we usually lose some when they run off. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian thanks for your Thursday Blog Hop as always. I am loving going back to the park for a couple of hours each day, its good for me also. I agree with you the fireworks are
      the worst and so many animals both domesticated and wild get scared and injured because of running or going missing. Please be safe

  2. Layla looks so cute in her halo! I’m glad to hear that it’s been helping her. I hope you have a great weekend and 4th of July. I agree with you about fireworks. I’m lucky that, now that we live out in the country, I don’t have to worry as much about hearing them here. My dogs used to be ok with them, but now that Kitsune is older he is a lot more sensitive about loud sounds.

    • Michelle you are so lucky, it was like a war zone here last night and I feel so so sorry for all the animals, wild and domesticated who were scared from it al.

  3. Aww, so cute! Have a safe & happy 4th of July. I wish there weren’t fireworks too, they’re pretty but so loud & scary for a lot of pets & people. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

    • Cathy it was horrific here last night and the sad thing is it does not matter how much you remind people there are always those that are
      dumb enough not to watch their pets and they get lost.

  4. I couldn’t agree more on fireworks. There are some small towns in my area that are doing drone displays instead of fireworks this year. I like that idea.

    I’m really happy to see that Layla’s halo and mushrooms are working so well. I’m really thrilled you both are enjoying the park and her tail is wagging. There’s nothing better!

    Your tips are fabulous! I’m sharing them with all my pet parents.

    • Terri I think the drone displays are brilliant and would go see one also but its the private people that stand their shooting off the fireworks with no
      respect to animals or people and I personally think it is so disrespectful. The Halo and mushrooms are working great and have made my life so much
      easier in so many ways and she is loving being back in the park. Happy layla happy Mom

  5. Enjoy the holiday weekend. I’m happy Layla is doing well and the halo is working for you both. These are great safety tips. I’ll be sure to share. It’s also really nice that in Israel they gave consideration to those with PTSD.

    • Kamira we had a great weekend excluding the fireworks which I am so sick of. The Halo is so great and made my life so much less stressful thank
      goodness. What they did in one of the towns of Israel was brilliant and I wish they would do it here also

  6. I have heard good things about those Haloes. I remember Muffin inspired so many.

    It’s horrible that fireworks scare the crap out of animals and some people don’t care. One day they will be scared and no-one might help them Grrrr Layla I hope you and Mum stay safe and away from the worst of the noise.

    • Marjorie the halo is a brilliant idea and makes life so much easier. The fireworks are horrific for everyone but the idiots that are setting
      them off and I wish they would be banned completely. I always say KARMA to those that set them off

  7. So great to hear that Layla is enjoying her golden years! Soaking up the warmth from sun puddles sounds wonderfully relaxing! I’m so glad the mushrooms and Halo are helping her so much. xo

    Once upon a time, fireworks never bothered my FiveSibes. I’d sit out on the back deck and they would snooze around my feet as I watched the huge display that done not too far from where we lived. It was wonderful! However, as Bandit aged and became hard of hearing, the fireworks and thunder terrified her. I’d keep her inside and at the first “boom” she was rushing through the house looking for the farthest corner to hide in. I gave her CBD treats and turned up all the fans (including the noisy kitchen stove fan) as well at the TV to help drown out the boomies. My heart breaks for all the dogs who will be terrified by the fireworks. We here hope you and Miss Layla have a safe and enjoyable 4th!

    • Thanks Dorothy and I am so relieved also, the halo especially has made life so much less stressful for both of us. The
      mushrooms are great and I think her appetite has picked up since getting them.

      You were wise to help Bandit and I did the same with Layla although her hearing is going I think it was the vibrations of the
      building that freaked her our. Thank goodness for the CBD oil it really helped. Stay safe

  8. Fireworks are so bad for pets, people with PTSD, wildlife, and the environment. Our town has several big fireworks displays during the summer. Luckily, our pets don’t mind them, but we always keep them inside during the show just in case!

    • Beth an organized show is one thing but when every lunatic in the city is setting them off it becomes and sounds like a war zone
      and my heart breaks for all the animals that are scared from it all. You are an amazing Dog Mom keeping them safe and I wish
      others would do the same

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