Woof its weekend

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TGIF!!  Summer is here, sun is shining and thank goodness it is not so hot in San Francisco but having the sun out with no fog is a treat for us, so we are taking advantage of it as much as possible.


I need my park sleep

Smelling the grass and wandering around :   https://youtu.be/VVFmtLZr1Fo

This weekend is going to be busy, woof. On Saturday we are spending the morning in my friend’s garden which I love. Its good for me to sit on a chair and kvetch over tea with him while Layla wanders around sniffing and of course napping in the sun. Perfect way to spend Saturday plus there is shade if its too hot for all of us.

On Sunday we are going to the Annual Three-legged Dog Meet in our park which is also for blind dogs. It is their 11th meet up and its fun just to sit under trees, chat with other dog parents, and just chill. I will be meeting a close friend there also who Layla adores so I am excited.

Otherwise, I am busy as always, keeping the Madam healthy and trying to get to the dog park daily so that she has freedom to roam around and I do not have to worry about her bumping her head or anything else. Plus we must not forget the snuffle ball which keep her happy and busy in the house LOL.

I must admit it is so fantastic that events are starting to start again and life is getting back to normal phew, it is so healthy for all of us to be outdoors doing things and not stuck indoors.

What are your plans this weekend? Share with us!

Have a wonderful weekend, make sure you stay hydrated and cool,

Hugs and love from Layla





17 Replies to “Woof its weekend”

    • Brian thanks and she loves the ball LOL. Thanks for the Thursday Blog Hop as always and we had a wonderful weekend, lots of outdoors which was so awesome, have
      a great week

  1. Oh, enjoy your weekend. You have a busy schedule planned. A three-legged dog meet? That sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing how it went in the coming weeks. Yes, I’m glad that we are able to get outside and be in the sun now too. We need that natural vitamin D and time to reconnect with friends and family. Have fun!

    • Kamira it was so much fun and you will read more about it on the blog this week, but the best is just being outdoors, mingling with all the dog lovers and as you said
      getting lots of Vitamin D which is so important. Have a wonderful week

  2. Layla really loves that snuffle ball! I’m glad she enjoys it so much. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. We aren’t doing much, it’s super hot in South Florida so we are indoors a lot. Have fun!

    • Cathy stay cool please, we have been reading about the extreme heat and it is dangerous. I think the best thing I have ever bought Layla was the snuffle
      ball. We had a wonderful weekend and now need to relax LOL

  3. It sounds like a fabulous weekend of activities. I’m glad to hear the temperatures have dropped a bit in the bay area. It’s still at 100 or over here on this side (east) of the Sierras. I love the idea of a three-legged dog meet-up. I’m certain since there will be blind dogs there as well, Layla will be very comfortable, and you will make sure of it. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Terri the meet up was so much fun, lots of people and dogs of course and the weather was just perfect. Stay cool and have a wonderful week

  4. I hope you and Layla enjoyed relaxing and visiting with your friend at the three-legged dog meet-up! I’m afraid that Covid is still wreaking some havoc here.

  5. Just recently, I was watching a video on the amazing benefits of sunlight–other wavelengths than just UV. Especially the light you “feel” does wonders for immune function and general health.

    All that makes me wonder whether the answer to the longest-living dogs was simply enough time outside since they were rural dogs, but their diets varied greatly.

    • Jana I have noticed a big difference in Layla since going to the park daily, she is also more relaxed which is awesome. I am so enjoying sitting their a couple of hours
      a day and just chilling with her.

  6. I LOVE the idea of that meetup. It sounds a fabulous idea and everyone is abled th same way so everyone has the best time!

    • Marjorie it was so much fun, lots of dogs all begging for treats LOL but we can learn so much from them. I think it is a brilliant idea as it gives the time
      to socialize with other dogs like them also. It was great just to be outdoors with other dog people and laugh, talk and forget about all our worries

  7. Oh how wonderful you and Miss Layla have so many options to do fun things outdoors. I so agree, so good to be getting back to “normal” and do things again. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I am still recuperating from hip replacement surgery (one month Monday woot-woot!) and it has given me a lot of time to reflect back on when my Huskies had their CCL surgeries. They were amazing in rehab…wonderful role models for me!

    • I am so happy you are getting better plus taking care of yourself, you are right we can learn so much from our dogs. Our weekend was fun in the sun but
      exhausting LOL but cannot complain as its great to be outdoors and seeing others. Take care

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