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TGIF and thank goodness the weekend has arrived, I need to put my feet up and relax and take it easy.

Never a dull moment in our house, Layla has been doing so well since she is on the Lions Mane Mushrooms (read more below) and yesterday she came bouncing out of the house when I got home, ran in the hallway and did not see the stairs, and the next thing I knew she was howling, she had fallen down the stairs.

I immediately ran down the stairs picked up, checked her and then brought her into the house, she was limping with her right paw in the air so I gave her some CBD oil to relax her and put her to bed. She ate well and drank but would not put her paw down so I took her to the vet today and they checked her. She has bruised her paw but otherwise very healthy for her age so am relieved now. She is on bed rest for the next two weeks and if it does not heal to bring her back in. Her walks are now stroller only and to take her out of the stroller to do her business. They also put her on Galliprant to help with the inflammation and pain but otherwise she can get CBD.

Now to Lions Mane Mushrooms from Real Mushrooms.

As you all know Layla is 15 years old, I with research felt she was starting Dementia and wanted to catch it to make her life easier. So, I found that Lions Mane helps so have started her on it, that is where I realized it was working as she had become a shell as such from the blindness and adding the Lions Mane, she is more alert, trotting along a lot better plus so much more. I swear by it and my vet said to me if it works in the East then it should work.

Signs that your dog might be starting CDS.

Below is a very interesting article I read from the company that I am buying the mushrooms from.

If you are interested in buying them for your dog or the other one that Layla is getting which is the 5 Defenders which is a mix of 5 mushrooms and really helping Madam, you have a discount code LaylasWoof for 10% off on all shopping.

The link for Real Mushrooms is :

On this note, Madam is sleeping phew, so please everyone have a safe wonderful weekend,

Sleeping away zzzzzzz


With a woof and love from Layla











14 Replies to “Never a dull moment”

  1. Oh my, poor Layla, that had to be very scary for her and for you too. We’re glad it was just a bruise and we’re glad the magic mushrooms are helping, we really are. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Brian I got such a fright but thank goodness nothing broken so am relieved here. The mushrooms are amazing and can be given to cats also, a mush have. Thanks for your Thursday Blog Hop as always and I am so thankful this week.

  2. WOW! That does sound like a stressful week. I’m glad to hear the lion’s mane mushroom is working so well for Layla. She must feel like a pup bounding about like she did and bruising her paw. I hope she heals quickly. I’ve been thinking about Layla’s mushrooms for my coffee and Henry. It looks like a terrific product! Thanks for introducing it to us!

    I hope the coming week is much easier for both of you.

    I’m sharing this with all my pet parents.

    • Terri I need a break from all the mishaps LOL but am relieved nothing was broken. The mushrooms are amazing for all of us including our pets and I highly recommend them. Thank you for sharing as for the senior dogs the Lions Mane is a must

  3. Poor Layla! I can’t believe she fell down the stairs, how scary. I’m glad she wasn’t seriously hurt but I hope she will be ok after resting her paw. Sending much Love & healing vibes for her.

  4. Oh my – definitely a scary week! I’m glad Layla is feeling a bit better. I’ve been considering adding on Lion’s Maine Mushroom to my dog’s bowl as well – it’s such an exciting supplement and a newer area of research.

  5. So sorry to hear about the mishap. That’s my daily greatest fear–my dog is all enthusiasm, and she does dumb stuff frequently. There is only so much one can do to keep them safe from everything all the time. That’s why I pray for her every morning because I need some serious help with that.

    • Jana I felt so guilty but as my Mom said to me it can happen and thank goodness nothing was broken. Am taking her out in the stroller for her potty breaks and it seems
      to be working, otherwise she is sleeping a lot phew.

  6. Oh, I was so scared when I saw your FB post about her tumble, but so glad she is doing okay. Your info about the mushrooms is so interesting…when I had my FiveSibes, I was very much into holistic and alternative therapies and supplements. Please give MIss Layla a big hug and hope she is feeling herself soon! And kick those tootsies up and relax a little!

    • Dorothy thanks so much for your concern and she seems to be getting better each day, I personally think the mushrooms are also helping and wherever I can give her
      healthy supplements without chemicals the better. I need a week of relaxation LOL but a day will make me happy.

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