We had an adventure

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Woof everyone and how are you?  Friday has arrived and that means weekend, and woof weekend means adventures weather permitting cos as Mom says if it is raining we are staying home and hibernating. She will even give me extra treats if I let her do that, so the question is should I? BOL.

Last week it had stopped raining, the sun was out but chilly so we bundled up and took the train to my favorite park, it is a lawn on the promenade which has a dog park on one side but we sit on the opposite lawn, Mom gets her chair and coffee, and I wander around smelling and then normally lie down especially if there is sun and just chill next to the Bay, clean air and pawsome to be outside. Plus I get lots of treats from Mom, it is our quality time and we do not look at phones or any other electronics but enjoy the nature although Mom uses her camera to take photos of me of course, I am her model for all the shots.


I got very angry as there was garbage on the lawn which makes me angry as I wish people would respect nature and put the garbage in the bin and there are two right there, it shows how lazy people are, so I did what I do well, barked and barked but Mom was good and picked it all up and put in the garbage so we left the place clean. (see video below)


The rain came back so that was the end of our adventures this week so we have been stuck indoors, Mom I must admit is good and takes me with her to the stores when she goes shopping so I do get out in my stroller and stay dry while Mom gets soaked BOL, poor Mom.

I have a new quirk which comes with age and that is I now stand if I am not in the stroller although it is with us and bark for nothing, Mom stands there looking like a fool while I bark away and the empty stroller is held by Mom, I love doing it although Mom is not pleased especially if it is late at night but hey I am allowed to talk aren’t I?

We go for our last walk at about midnight cos Mom figured out the later I go the later I sleep in the morning so she is finally having 6 hours sleep a night and feeling more relaxed in the morning, so I can be nice to her if I want to.

It is my Gotcha Day at the end of the month and I am wondering what Mom is going to do for me, she cannot believe I have been with her 13 years and we are now growing old together. Does anyone have ideas for my Gotcha Day?

I am off to bed now it is past my bedtime and old ladies need their sleep,

Stay warm everyone, be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

With woof and love from Layla





10 Replies to “We had an adventure”

  1. What a lovely outing and how wonderful to pick up the garbage. I hate seeing garbage when I’m out as well. It’s so annoying! Often a garbage can is just feet away. Yes, some people are very lazy!

    I love the video of Layla barking at the bag. She’s certainly a good pup for pointing it out! So funny!

    So, this is Layla’s gotcha month? Happy, happy to both of you. Henry says that Layla would love a few extra cookies, an adventure for barking, and lots of loving pets (which I know she gets already).

    Wishing you both a wonderful week. I hope it’s a dry and warmer week.

    • Terri she is quite a character when it comes to her barking LOL but you have a good point, people are so lazy to clean up after eating or whatever in a park and others pay the price as such cleaning up. Yes it is her Gotcha Day at the end of the month and am at this moment wondering what to do for her, hopefully the weather will be good so we can celebrate outdoors, Henry thank you for the reminder of extra cookies I will keep that in mind.
      Have a wonderful week please stay warm and dry with big hugs from Layla

  2. You sure did have a nice adventure sweet Layla, well, except for the garbage. That usually upsets us too, there is no excuse for that and it’s really bad around here. I hope you and Mom have an enjoyable weekend. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Woof hello and thank you for your weekly Blog Hop where we read what your cats are up to and always brings a smile to our faces. The garbage story is just disgusting and disrespectful to those visiting parks, as Mom says she wonders what their houses are like. It was so great to be outdoors but having Mom clean up and this weekend it is raining so we staying home and relaxing. Have a wonderful safe warm week

  3. What a pretty park by the bridge, I’m glad you got out to enjoy it. You should have a little party in the park with some doggie friends for your Gotcha day! I love your outfits, and this green one is so pretty.

    • Cathy thank you so much, I love the green on her also, that is a great idea and will think about it but it depends on the weather also. Have a safe wonderful week

  4. I love the video where lovely Miss Layla barks her annoyance at folks leaving trash behind! Those naughty people. You tell them, Layla!

    Ohhh, your Gotcha Day is coming…wooo! I bet momma is going to do something very special for her precious girl! Can’t wait to see!

    • Dorothy Bossy Barker knows how to tell people LOL. I am planning something special for her Gotcha Day but it depends on the weather also. there will be lots of photos for you to see. Stay warm and safe this week

  5. I am with you on the careless behaviour of people when they drop litter. This looks ugly, and makes the place look a mess. I believe that you are right in protesting!

    Your Gotcher Day is coming up? I hope Mum gets something tasty for you!

    • Marjorie people make me sick with their actions and Layla had every right to bark a protest. I am planning something special for her just not sure what yet as it depends on the weather. take care

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