It is my birthday next week.

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TGIF!!! Friday has arrived and I hope it does not rain so I can go somewhere as I am tired of being stuck in the house and Mom feels the same. I know I should not complain as so many of my friends are stuck with snow but enough is enough.

When it rains you snuffle for treats BOL



So weather permitting Mom is taking me to the Shi Tzu Meet Up tomorrow morning, it is a fantastic park and I am really excited. I cannot wait to wander around, bark of course BOL and embarrass Mom like I like doing, eat lots of treats and have some fresh air plus spend time with other fluffies like me. I am really excited and it better not rain.


On the 31st of January 2011 I was rescued from the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles. The story of how it was an online affair I love sharing to prove to people it can happen and it does work out. Mommy saw me sitting in a cage, emailed a friend of a friend who is a rescuer, Cindy went to the shelter and pulled me out, then Uncle Michael drove to me San Francisco.


Because they do not know my exact birth date, and have worked out I am 18 years old, Mom is working hard organizing a birthday party for me for next Friday afternoon, not sure who is going to be there, dogs and humans, but she says she will have a lot of surprises for me, my one gift arrived today but she would not me smell it and hid it in the closet immediately. She promised she would let me sniff it tomorrow when it assembled. I am so excited and cannot wait.

So I am getting really excited for next week, it is going to be so much fun I cannot wait. I might be old but you are never too old to have fun.

I am off to bed now as I am exhausted from dictating to Mom,


Have a safe warm weekend everyone, I wish you all could come to celebrate with me,

Lots of love as always with a woof

Layla xxx






20 Replies to “It is my birthday next week.”

  1. Happy early birthday, Layla! 18!! Whoo hoo! I’m sure whatever Mom has planned will be great. Enjoy your weekend in the park, and love your pink sweater! Let the celebration begin. Stay blessed, and enjoy yourself!

    • Thank you Kamira and we have started the celebrations and I am already exhausted LOL. We have had a wonderful day today and tomorrow just taking it easy. Thank you for the compliment I agree she looks cute in pink. Be safe and stay warm

  2. How exciting, you’re having an 18th birthday party! You may be a little old lady of a dog, but you still have lots of spunk & loads of love to give! I look forward to seeing all the photos & video your mom will take at your party I hope it does not rain!

    • I am really excited to be doing it LOL, it will be held indoors because of the weather, I do not want to take a chance and it rains plus I think there will be more of her human friends than dogs as I have invited everyone that has a part of her life. There will be loads of photos and a video of course. Stay warm and dry this week with a hug from Layla

  3. You have been busy (doing not too much!!!) BUT you have plans and they keep life interesting. You went to the meet up before I seem to remember (?) so I hope you have the best time! Wear your cute coat if you feel the chill little lady OK!

    • Yes we have been very busy and yesterday we were at the meet up, Mom is exhausted today and told me excluding potty walks we doing nothing hmmm not fair BOL. I always look cute thanks to Mom and her good taste in my clothing

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Layla! What a joy you are to your mom and countless others, like, Henry and me. I’m wishing you a fun-filled birthday with everything and more you could ever want (and your mom too). I can’t wait to see all your birthday party photos!

    I can certainly see why your mom fell in love with you from your photo so many years ago. You two were meant for each other. Wonderful story and beautiful video and photos.

    Henry says to eat lots of yummy birthday treats!

    • Terri I am very blessed to have her in my life and Layla keeps barking orders and demands for her birthday. We wish you could be here to celebrate and that way Henry could eat some of the yummy birthday treats and cake. Thank you so much for following our life together we really appreciate it. As for the snuffle toy it is my favorite past time BOL

  5. Oh, lovely Miss Layla…I bet you’re going to have a wonderful Happy 18th filled with adventures and treats! How exciting! And a Gotcha Day…party time! I can see how your mom’s heart melted when she saw the photo of your face. How wonderful you found each other! Oh, and that snuffle lady bug is just grand! Enjoy your doubly special dates! Can’t wait to hear what you and Mom do! Rest up now, you have a lot of celebrating to do! xo

    • Dorothy thank you and her party is going to extra special and I am really excited LOL. That snuffle toy is her favorite and I think she is going to need a new one soon as it is slowly falling apart LOL. Be safe and warm as always

  6. Happy Wonderful Gotcha Day! One of the best days in your life as well as your Mom’s. I have been using Real Mushrooms per your recommendations. I found out a few weeks ago when I had to take Harley to the cancer vet in Charlotte, they also recommend and use their products. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

    • Thank you for your wishes Sandy and I am so happy Harley is taking them and your vet approved, that makes me feel good also. Take care and stay warm and safe

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