Poison Prevention Awareness Month.

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March has arrived and the rains are still here. When will they stop. The good news is that California is out of drought the last I read but the grounds are so soaked that they are not absorbing the rains anymore. One muddy mess in the dog park LOL which Madam does not like.

March is also an important month as it is Poison Prevention Awareness Month.

Please keep us safe !

This is so important and it reminds us how important it is to keep our pets safe from anything toxic which leads to illness and sometimes death. So Layla decided that this week our blog is going to focus on this subject to make sure that all our fur friends are safe both in the house and outside. The way we child proof a house and garden, we should pet proof the same way.

01. Plants can be poisonous especially azalea, oleander, castor bean, sago palm, Easter lily or yew plant material eaten by an animal can be fatal.

02.. Cleaning products – those are dangerous and should not be lying around in the house. Please store them in a place that your pets have no access to. I personally only use Apple Cider Vinegar in the house for cleaning, etc as that way I know if Layla walks on the wet floor she is safe.

03. Medications – never give your pets medications unless directed by a Vet. Keep all medications locked away so they cannot find them.

04. Chocolate is a BIG NO. 

05.  Household products like coffee grinds, play dough, fabric softener sheets and more are all toxic to your pets.

06. Automotive products – please do not leave them lying around the garage and if something spills make sure to clean up.

07. Flea Meds – all pets have different reactions to these so please check with your vet before you administer them to your pets.

08. Always read all instructions / cautions of any product before using it in your house, garden or on your pet. 

09. Keep your pets inside or away from any insecticides  Also keep your pets away from fertilizers on the grass or in the garden. All of them can be toxic. Plus make sure you store these products in a place that is inaccessible to your pets.

10. Do not use products for dogs on cats and vice versa unless it says you can. 

11. If you are uncertain about the proper usage of any product, contact the manufacturer and/or your veterinarian for instructions.ASPCA National Animal Poison Control CenterSuite 361717 Philo RoadUrbana, IL 61801

Phone : (888) 4-ANI-HELP

I am aware we do these reminders all the time but I feel by reading the above, remembering we are keeping our pets safe, no extra vet bills or expenses and most of all we have a happy healthy home.

So now that Layla has woofed all this she is going back to bed LOL,
Be safe and have a great week, With love from Layla 

24 Replies to “Poison Prevention Awareness Month.”

  1. Poisons, poisons everywhere. While most of them are man-made, there are still plenty of natural poisons too. One always has to be watchful of what their dog might be able to get into.

    • I so agree with you and was reading about the poisonous mushrooms popping up in California because of the rains and people are being warned

  2. This is an important reminder for pet parents to keep any toxic materials locked up or well out of reach of any pets. I actually didn’t know about the coffee grinds being toxic! That is new to me, thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Cathy we learn every day and there was one or two that surprised me also, I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy doing these blogs as it reminds me at the same time
      Love from Layla

  3. I think people are often surprised at what is dangerous for pets. They believe their own medication can help a pet (yikes) which is super risky.

    I know that dog flea drops have killed cats too. Much stronger and therefore lethal. So we need to be conscious about these things every day as pet owners.

    Great post Layla and Mom!

  4. Love this list – and I am so glad you have included fabric sheets! I cannot believe how many pics and videos I see every week that show dogs playing with them. It concerns me greatly – I’ll share this post to help get the word out!

  5. Very important to remember all that. I had no idea about the coffee grounds (I drink gallons of coffee, there are always grounds around here.)

    Hope the rain lets up so you can go play in the dog park again.

    • Thanks Holly and I am a big coffee drinker also. They are saying that we are going to have a dry period which means park time phew

  6. Thanks for the good tips! I don’t have to worry too much since Buffy stays mostly in her bed since she is blind and pretty slow. But in a few years when I get a puppy, I’ll have to puppy proof my house and yard all over again.

  7. Even though I think I’m pretty careful, I appreciate these reminders. I would add xylitol to the list. A dog that I know snuck a piece of gum with xylitol, but fortunately, they were able to get her to the vet in time and she is okay. It is extra scary because some companies add it to their peanut butter now!

  8. Such an important week (and always) of awareness. Thanks for sharing the reminders! We can never be too careful, especially with spring time arriving and so many starting with lawn duty.

    Thanks for joining in our Blog Hop this week, too! Always great to see you!

  9. Great article. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I just read through your entire blog and I found it quite interesting. And you have pointed out some valid point extremely well. These are really essential and helpful information for poison prevention for your dog.

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