February is nearly over

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February is over WOW.  We cannot believe how fast this year is going. 

Layla and I have cabin fever. It just does not seem to stop raining here and although she has been very good with walks in the rain, some long, some short we both need some sunny park time to be outdoors relaxing.

Yesterday she was not happy as she got a bath. I am fortunate to be able to get her a free bath once a month through PAWS/Shanti Project which makes life very easy for me as living in a studio when I bathe her the floor becomes a lake LOL, so I take advantage of these free baths. It is also amazing how they always have volunteers from different companies come in to do the bathing so all I have to do is take her there and they do all the work. It is also thanks to Pet Food Express for allowing us to do it there, they are an amazing Pet Food Store and give so much back to the community. If I buy something and Layla does not like it, I can return the open bag and get credit, they have rescued cats up for adoption there, and many rescue organizations do adoption events at their different stores. 

Layla of course now loves going there with no arguments like in the past as she knows she gets treats from the employees and what could be better than that. 

The past 48 hours have been crazy stormy so yesterday when I was at the store I picked up for her a new chewy which is a turkey tendon and she is in love with them. It keeps her busy during the day and not sleeping that much LOL. Cabin fever can be costly also.

I am working in my new job which is hard but I am enjoying also so am out of the house for about 5 hours each day, I hate leaving Madam but on the other hand it is good for both of us.

So that is what is happening in the Layla Neighborhood, not much excitement but she is being spoiled with lots of Mommy time as I excluding work have no interest in running around in the rain so condense everything into an outing when I leave for work.

Be safe and warm everyone and don’t forget that with all the winds and rain the one thing that is keeping Madam calm is the 4Paws Pet Blend Hemp Oil Supplement. You can read all about it on the below link :


With a woof and love from Layla 

I am not happy BOL

26 Replies to “February is nearly over”

  1. Oh my, double the wet! Me thinks we are all suffering these days from climate change even when we live indoors it effects us.It is lovely you get free baths–what an awesome resource and store to do that. I think you are very lucky.
    Wishing you a sunny and happy week to come.

  2. I feel your pain!! Jack isn’t a huge fan of the rain either and boy does that interfere with his walks. Hope the rain lets up soon. It’s amazing you’re able to get free baths for Layla, even if she doesn’t think so!! At least she’s comforted with food and fuss. That pet supply store sounds amazing and definitely a worthy company to support, particularly because they feature rescues for adoption.

    • Hindy I love that store and the non profit that organizes the baths makes it so much easier for me also, she might not like it but always smells so good after one. As for the rain like your boy Layla is not a happy girl

  3. I hear you about the cabin fever! I’ve been dying to get to the park and hiking with my boys but the weather here has been snowy and rainy. Of course that makes everything wet, icy, and muddy which is no fun to play outside in. Hopefully the weather improves soon!

    • Stay warm and dry and I so understand you, I walk through the park with her but would love to just sit on a bench and breath some fresh air with a coffee LOL but it is not happening at the moment. Enough of winter this year

  4. She is JUST ADORABLE. My local pet food store also is kind enough to accept returns of opened foods/treats/supplements if my dog doesn’t like them – which I find really amazing! I love the concept of a free bath every month – I would definitely take advantage of that!

    • Thank you Adrienne and she knows it LOL. I love the idea of pet stores accepting the returns as it makes our life so much easier plus everything is donated to rescues, so it is a win win situation. The free bathing does make life much easier.

  5. The cold and snow has us trapped indoors. It’s too cold to let the cats out in their catio (access through a window – I’m not paying to heat the outside!). Plush is depressed because I haven’t been able to take him anywhere. We can’t wait for spring.

    • I know that feeling Emilia I am sick of being indoors and need some outside and I think Layla does too – stay warm

  6. I feel like we still have a lot of winter weather to come, even though it is already March. I need to look into something to help Sophie feel calmer when my daughter and her puppy come to visit.

  7. Oh poor Layal you did make me laugh! A bath is good for you sweetheart, although even humans don’t enjoy going out in the rain!

    Layla is the sweetest pup ever, she deserves a walk in the sunshine.

  8. Well, living in Seattle – our winters are rain so I feel your pain! We’ve tried boots, clothes, etc., and our one girl doggy, she is a no go. Our boy doggy, he could care less if it’s raining. Go figure! I hope you get a break soon! 🙂

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