Life is good in the Layla Neighborhood

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Woof the weekend has arrived ! I wonder what Mom has planned for me as last weekend I had lots of fun.

Happy St. Roch’s Day which is today – who was he ? St. Roch, The Patron Saint of Dogs. It was the loving care a dog gave that led to St. Roch being named the Patron Saint of Dogs.

Yesterday, August 15th was Check Your MicroChip Day, to remind us all to make sure all our contact information is updated for emergencies and we hope everyone has checked theirs.

Last Friday Harry came to spend the day with us, he is an adorable Westie who like Layla spent most of the day sleeping BOL. She was really good with him, no arguing either HA till he decided to crawl into her box where she was sleeping, and suddenly a growl happened. He just backed away and she turned over and went to sleep. It was quite amusing and Harry’s Mom laughed with me over the whole thing. I hope he will come visit again as it was good for her.

On Saturday I caught up with housework, her weekly food, etc and then took the Madam and went to chill out in the park. It was a glorious day and great to be outdoors relaxing, Madam of course slept on the blanket and ran each time she saw one of her Uncles with treats.

Sunday was adventure day. In one of the neighborhoods they were having the Noe Valley Animal Fair. So backpack came out and off we went. It was a hot day so I made sure Madam had her cooling vest on also. There were goats, different species of birds, cats, rabbits and of course dogs. All the animals were up for adoption. 

LiLou the Therapy Pig was there also, she volunteers at San Francisco Airport and is a well known figure in our city.

For the children there was face painting, games, music and in a nutshell a fun family time for everyone.

Layla met a bunny close up for the first time and she was fascinated but very gentle, it was really cute.

On the way home we came through our park, sat in the shade under a tree relaxing like I love doing, cooled off while she wandered around for a bit, and then came home, where she ate and went to sleep. What a life !

The past couple of days have been really hot so we have been mainly indoors but last night we did something different and met a friend in the park at about 8 or so as it had cooled down and sat there for about 2 hours just chatting and relaxing. It was great to be outside in the cool weather and what was nice was there were quite a few people doing the same with their dogs.  So Layla also met some new dogs which was fun for her.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

With a woof and love From Layla 

9 Replies to “Life is good in the Layla Neighborhood”

  1. Is it wrong of me to want Layla’s life? She always has fun, and her sweet and gentle nature certainly is a hit with all the critters, including the bunny. I’ve always wanted to meet Lilou the therapy pig – maybe next time I fly into SF! Have a great weekend and continue to enjoy the cooler evenings with friends – sounds like a great time.

    • Rebecca it is not wrong as I want her life too, no worries, lots of food and friends LOL, what could be better than that. We cannot wait for you to visit SF it would be so much fun, have a great weekend also 🙂

  2. Wow! Layla your calendar is always full to capacity! What a great week you had. I’m happy to hear your experience meeting the rabbit went well and enjoyed your time outside. I hope you and mom are able to fit in some relaxation this weekend. Thanks for helping bring awareness to Update your Microchip day!

    • Kamira thanks for visiting us as always and yes she is busy and keeps me on my toes LOL. She was really good with the bunny and I was so proud of her.
      I love reminding everyone about the important things to keep our pets safe and healthy as I think it is so important.

      Have a great weekend

  3. The Noe Valley Animal Fair Sounds super fun! Very nice pics, thanks for sharing. Looks like it was a fun event for families and animals. I may have to look for a traveling backpack for my pup to take him places too. (From Dachshund Station)

  4. Sounds like Layla made a bunch of new friends. The picture of her and the bunny was so cute. And her play – um – nap? date was cute too. It’s nice when the critters make friends.

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