Aging Gracefully

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TGIF and Woof it is a long weekend. What are your plans ?

Here in the Layla neighborhood we have been taking it slow as Mom has been running around sorting out personal things plus going for interviews for more Hebrew tutoring so it has been a little chaotic.

In between all that she has been trying to take me to the park wherever possible and then grrr she punished me with a bath. I hate them and those should be banished from us plus put on the animal abuse list. Who agrees with me ? I know she says I need them as I roll and get stinky but I like those smells better than the ones from the shampoo which makes me smell fruity. 

So Mom and I had a discussion this week about us growing old together. She told me that I need to stay healthy and that is why she took me to the vet on Tuesday for my Bi-Annual check up. She explained to me that she does it also.

Well bless my vet. I have been seeing him for 8 years now, he is so funny also but very serious too. It is the same vet that looked after my sister when she was very ill and passed away, R.I.P. Baby. When Layla arrived from the Shelter he was the vet that checked her for me and I just adore him.

He calls Mom a typical Jewish Mom and I agree with him.  She worries about everything and needs to slow down a bit. 
The breakdown from the vet visit is like this :
01.  I am a very healthy 12 year old girl. 

02.  I have allergies but he said a lot of the dogs have at the moment so nothing to worry.

03.   He wanted to give me a flu shot and Mom said no it is not necessary as there is no flu here in San Francisco at the moment. Mom does not get them either.

04.  My cataract on my left eye – I still have some vision so we are not worrying about that and as Mom joked with him she does not have good vision at all in her left eye either – so we are two peas in a pod.

05. Teeth – all good phew.

06. Weight -perfect

These are the changes we discussed as with age adjustments are made :
01.  Food – He said the diet I am getting is awesome and the only change there is Mom must stop with apples as it is too much sugar for my teeth.
This is the recipe :
Boil a whole chicken, gizzards, chicken livers with a tbsp of apple cider vinegar, vegetables : carrots, peas, kale, spinach, apples, green beans, brussels sprouts, broccoli, pumpkin or sweet potato, zucchini, cauliflower. When cooked, I cool it down, then shred the chicken without the skin and bones, I make a smoothie of the veggies using the broth as liquid, I mix all together and put in containers and freeze. When I feed her I put these supplements in her food so she has a balanced diet – Raw Paws Organic Hip and Joint Green Lipped Mussel Powder and Raw Paws Organic Sea Kelp Daily Supplement.
This is the website of Raw Paws Pet Food and I swear by their products :

You can also use ground turkey or beef instead of the chicken.   

There is a 15% discount with the coupon Layla15  

02.  He wants me to get more fish oil so Mom is researching at this moment plus we have the Bay Area Pet Fair in two weeks time so Mom said she will see what is going on as there are loads of booths.

03.  Hemp Oil – He agrees with Mom giving it to me daily to keep me calm as lately I have become afraid of all kinds of things, part of growing old.

04.  Me not wanting to go out at night for my last walk – he said that could be because of my sight and if I do not want to go out then just to leave it. I am very smart telling Mom when I want to go out especially BOL when she is sleeping.

On the way home from the vet Mom popped into Trader Joes and got me some chicken jerky for being such a good girl. 

So you all see, age is just a number as I still act  like a puppy and full of energy which keeps my old Mother on her toes and I love it.

And now of course is siesta time as the dictating is very hard, I am going to have a snooze while Mom finishes off here. I have also ordered her to see what events there are this weekend so we can do something especially as it is a long weekend.

OY before I start my siesta I want to send prayers to all those that might be hit by the hurricane in Florida, our thoughts are with you and please be safe PLUS do not forget to take your pets with you as they are family.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, enjoy the quality time with your families and please keep your pets safe.

Woof with love from Layla

18 Replies to “Aging Gracefully”

  1. Glad Layla got a clean bill of health! My Kit is right behind her in age, he’ll be 11 in December. He’s been doing really well too. People don’t believe me when I tell them how old he is – he’s very active still despite being older. Have a great long weekend!

  2. I’ve missed reading your updates Layla!! So glad to hear you’re healthy and doing well, and i think your cousin Jack would agree about baths going on the abuse register. It definitely sounds like your vision could be making you fearful about going out in the dark. Ask your mom to try a flashlight, it might help although she’s so amazing she probably tried! I like the sound of the food you’re eating because Jack has become extremely fussy. I made him chicken stew and isn’t interested. I like the idea of pureeing the vegetables and adding the chicken after, I think I’ll try that. Hope your mom finds something fun to do this weekend. Shabbat Shalom ladies!

    • Shabbat Shalom Hindy and Layla says she is so happy that Jack agrees with her about the bathing, they are funny LOL. I have tried a flashlight but it did not work so am going with the flow as such like the vet advises. Pureeing the veggies hides them as they mixed with the broth and chicken so they eating healthy but not knowing. I hope Jack will eat it that way. Have a great weekend

  3. Hey Layla! I know you hate the baths but you look so pretty when you’re done. LOL I know you don’t want to be bothered either way. I’m happy to hear you are healthy and doing great! You are better than me! I’m working on the weight as I’m recovering from injury, but I’m practicing yoga this weekend. I plan on taking it easy and relaxing this weekend. Enjoy your long weekend too! Give your mama some extra kisses. She spoils you so.

    • Hi Kamira she is so funny when it comes to baths but I agree she smells good and looks pretty afterwards. I hope you get well soon and please look after yourself this weekend. I plan to do that also LOL.

  4. Such wonderful news about your vet check-up! Yay! We worried moms love good news like that! As a momma to three senior Huskies, I understand how fantastic this is!

    We too pray that all those in the path of the storms will be safe.

    • Dorothy you are an amazing Mom to your Huskies and I agree with you we do worry too much sometimes and I keep saying phew that the vet was happy and all is good.
      Praying here too

  5. Great to hear that you are so healthy. Our Harvey goes for a three monthly now he is stage 3 kidney. I try to give him kidney friendly food but you know what? He is SO STUBBORN and would rather STARVE than eat it. (and it wasn’t cheap).

    I am glad about the change of diet to no apple. It took me ages to realise apples can be bad for your teeth! I mean its fresh fruit and STILL it bad for you * eyeroll *

    • Sending Harvey a big hug, they can be stubborn when it comes to food LOL and I always say it is when it is the expensive stuff LOL. I never thought about the sugar in the apples but learn something new each day.

  6. Great news Layla on your vet visit! It sounds like you have a great diet! My husband makes a similar diet for Buffy with a lot fewer ingredients. But this is just to supplement her regular food. Diet, exercise, and genetics are the key factors that allow our pets to live long lives. My sister has a cocker spaniel who is over 17 when most live to about 12. She thinks it’s because she gives her some fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep going strong Layla!

  7. Good morning! I was just wondering how you cook the beef. Also, How do you know how much to serve? I have a one and a half year lab/hound mix and he weighs about 57lbs.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Adriana, I cook the beef the same as I cook the chicken and base the serving on what they normally get kibble wise. Layla for example gets about one and half cups of food a day which is enough for her size. Hope that helps.

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