15th July is National Pet Fire Safety Day

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TGIF !!!!!!!

Good morning all my friends.

Today is an important day, to remind us to keep us pets’ safe is there a fire. It is so important with what is happening in the world today with climate change, extreme heat and droughts we need to be prepared.

Mom is prepared for every disaster so I am fortunate and safe. We have an emergency bag, my information is up to date and we are organized for anything and hopefully your parents are also. But unfortunately we have to remind everyone as people forget or do not believe in climate change so this is our reminder.

This week, Pierre and Leopold have spent the week with us, their Mom is awesome and we have a disaster plan which includes them so everyone is safe. Mom says three fluffs in the house is fun but I think she is tired and needs a break. They are good boys and fun to have her although Leopold hogs the bed BOL so he does not let me on although Mom makes sure I get space there.  Pierre is bossy and barks at me when I try eat my food so we have a new routine now and that is I sit in my box and eat my food so no one can get to it.

Leopold looking cute

Pierre looking innocent BOL

Layla relaxing what she is an expert doing

This Saturday Mom is taking me to my first dog event at one of the Pet Stores in San Francisco, our first event since the lock down. We are really excited to see other dogs and people, what a concept, we have forgotten how to be social BOL. I will be going on the tram there which I love going on so it’s going to be fun, woof.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you prepared for a disaster?

Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe

With a woof and love from Layla


16 Replies to “15th July is National Pet Fire Safety Day”

  1. You just can’t be too prepared for emergencies, it’s important to practice too. I hope you have fun at the pet store event. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. It’s SO important to be prepared for emergencies, fires included, and to make sure our plans including our furry friends as well. It sounds like you had a fun, if not exhausting, time with your friends! Enjoy the pet store event this weekend!

    • Michelle you are so right, they are family and need to be included in emergency plans and the entire family should know what to do.
      We are having fluffy fun here and the event was great, Layla is exhausted LOL

  3. Being prepared is so important. I’m glad you have such a wonderful mum to look out for you Layla. You are in good hands. Enjoy your event this weekend! Sounds like fun. As for me, I plan on finishing up a cat painting project this weekend.

  4. Being ready is important. It is so easy toforget which is why posts like yours are so important. The boy scouts got it right BE PREPARED because you will save the lives of yourself and your family!

  5. There are some really important tips here. I remember hearing from a friend who experienced a serious fire at her home that she was most grateful for the fact she had tossed the dog’s leash on a table by the door (not intentionally for that reason, just tossed it there by fluke). After hearing that, we have always hung the leashes by the door. Knowing that they are there, on hand, really helps to ease my mind in the event we ever have to grab them and go. That includes both the dog leashes and the cat leashes/harnesses.

  6. It is my understanding that pets cause quite a lot of fires, which came as a surprise to me. Surely, there ought to be a way to proof the home to prevent that? That said, people cause many fires themselves; our neighbor burnt down their house trying to make deep-fried fries coming home drunk in the middle of the night.

    • Jana I am aware pets can cause fires but it is the humans to blame if they do not fire proof the house like you would for a kid. People do not think what they are doing and then the fire happens and the pets pay the price

  7. So important to have a plan for any and all emergencies. Many times people don’t think about it until its too late

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