September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

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Good Morning, TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September has arrived and with it just chaotic weather everywhere, natural disasters that has made me think about how precious life is, how important it is for us to look after the environment for the future generations and at the moment it feels as if there is one disaster after another as if there is no time to breathe in between.

So with this lets all step back and look at what is happening in this country:

  1. Hurricane Ida, the devastation is horrific, the lives lost both humans and animals, what people are having to face today and slowly get back on their feet again. Rescue Organizations running around trying to save every animal from drowning, endless hours of work which I so admire, emptying the shelters to make space for all those poor displaced animals. If only people
  2. The fires burning all over California and the loss of animal life, vegetation and it hurts me so much to see this on TV.

And then I go back to saying September is National Disaster Preparedness Month and what else will happen this month? Are we really prepared in our house for one? What do we really need? It worries me as I wonder what if I am not home when an earthquake happens. Will Layla be ok? Do any of you think of this?

I always worry that the items in my disaster bag which is next to the door is not enough.  I recheck once a month but I then say will I have time to pick up and run when an earthquake hits, and the more I think about it I think to myself maybe I should try a trial run this week. It might sound crazy but would rather be safe than sorry.

So this is emergency bag :

Water / flashlight / batteries / radio / change of clothing / food for Layla and me / her supplements / poop bags / dog treats / blanket / toy for her / first aid kit / copies of documents / cash / usb drives of all my computer files / my beach canopy that I could use as a tent and other sentimental items of mine.  It sounds a lot but I still wonder if it is enough. I also have a collapsible pet carrier to put her in so she will be feel safe plus her backpack to carry her out of the house in so she does not walk on the sidewalks in case there is debris and could get hurt.

I also say that I can live off bread and water but her food is extremely important.

So when all these disasters hit us, and however much we are prepared we all lose material items which for me is as I say, something that can be replaced, but the lives of the animals and birds cannot so it is so important to do as much as possible to protect them.

On this note I am asking everyone to be safe, prayers going out to those that were hit by the hurricane and most of all a big thank you  to all those that step up and help those that need the help, you are all angels.

Most important our pets are family and should not be left behind to fend for themselves as you are serving them a death sentence.

Have a great safe week,

WIth a woof and love from Layla






16 Replies to “September is National Disaster Preparedness Month”

  1. What an excellent post! I have an emergency go bag too which I really need to update! I can’t get lax, especially now that I live in hurricane territory. If I had to worry about earthquakes I think I’d be freaking out all the time. I hadn’t thought about dangerous debris on the sidewalks or roads if my dogs had to walk on it – good point! Stay safe my friend (-:
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. The increase in extreme weather/natural disasters is just devastating to watch. I almost don’t want to turn on the news anymore. We’ve been through a few natural disasters ourselves, so I try to stay well prepared to be able to quickly evacuate with my pets. I keep a very well stocked emergency bag in my car for both my partner and I, and our two dogs.

    • Michelle it is frightening what is happening all over the world and am so happy you are well prepared for an emergency. I always say rather be safe than sorry

  3. Excellent post! Here in tornado country we have drills in schools and businesses. It’s a good idea to do that at home. Children and pets depend on us; and let’s not forget any elderly or sick relatives/friends who may live with us.. Thanks very much!

    • Roberta my pleasure and it is so important as we can relax this way knowing we have everything and do not have to run out and stock up last minute as such. Stay safe

  4. Maybe we need a national preparedness year, not just a month. People are living on their nerves, yelling at each other about vaccines and freedom of speech and slowly disappearing into a storm of uncertainty.

    We need to be ready, we need to be able to adapt and we need to, bottom line, amend our ways before we destroy the planet entirely.

    • My biggest fear Marjorie is that we are ruining our planet and I agree people are so antsy lately it is horrific, but being prepared makes life so much easier as you know you have everything needed. stay safe

  5. That’s a great emergency bag list. I should have a list ready to go. I don’t have a bag like you do. There’s one more thing you may want to consider. We have received a lot of Caldor fire evacuees from the Tahoe region here in my area. Evacuation centers that are taking animals are requesting copies of vaccination records. You might want to add a copy of Layla’s vaccination records to your emergency bag. I think I will at least put together an emergency bag list. I love your preparedness! This is very much needed! Thank you for sharing!

    • Terri I have Laylas rabies tag plus all vet documents that are needed in a file in the bag. I live in San Francisco which means earthquakes so we need to be prepared. Please be safe as I am watching what is happening in the North all the time. I also feel if a bag is ready you do not have to run out and stock up as you have everything.

  6. September as pet disaster preparedness month is so timely, isn’t it? Hurricane season and all that. And, sadly, forest fires had been raging all through the summer. Being prepared is essential.

  7. It is important to be prepared for an emergency! We are lucky that we have a vehicle and can take our pets with us if we need to evacuate.

  8. I often have that ‘what if’ type of thinking, especially in terms of what would happen to our pets if we weren’t home and disaster strikes. There is something about losing all control in that way that causes me serious anxiety. The best thing we can do is to be as prepared as possible like you said! I’m sure your emergency kit list will help a lot of pet parents.

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