600 Million Dogs

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TGIF ! Happy Halloween everyone, please keep your pets safe indoors and of course away from the treats, especially your black cats.

This week we going to share with you about my new job. It is my dream job as I am working for an organization that is doing what I believe in, animal rights, spay and neutering your pets to stop the over population in shelters.

Thank you Catherine Hill for helping me put the wording together.

Who is the founder of the 501c3 nonprofit 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You?

600 Million Dogs founder Alex Pacheco has received many awards such as induction into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame, The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, Sea Shepherd Crew Member of the Year; he co-founded PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and served as Board Chairman for 20 years.

Alex Pacheco

What motivated him to start 600 Million Dogs? In his words:

One of the experiences that motivated me was meeting Baby Bear — a pup I found on death row, while I was volunteering at a dog pound in Mexico. While in Mexico, I desperately wanted to help the swarms of starving strays who were everywhere.

The first morning, I found Baby Bear, alone and cowering in the back of a filthy cage. Shaking uncontrollably. His body covered with the dreaded skin disease mange. Half starved.

He was gentle and weak, as I lifted him … yet somehow, strong in spirit. He was so pitiful, I spent the entire day holding him, trying to ease his fear and loneliness — even though 50 other innocent dogs and cats were also going to die that same day. 50 whose suffering I would never get to ease.

Later in the day, Baby Bear was licking my face, but he suddenly stopped when he felt the sting of the needle going into his vein. The lethal “sky-blue sodium pent” drug was on its way to his heart, to end his life.

He looked me right in the eye, and his face spoke to me, asking, “Why? Why are you doing this to me? I thought you were my friend.”

Then his face fell heavy into my hand, and his soul was gone. I tried to man-up, but I couldn’t. Instead, I broke down and began to cry, while trying to hide it from the other workers.

As I slowly regained my composure, it sunk in — his suffering was even more heartbreaking simply because it was 100% preventable.

In anger I swore that no matter what it took, I was going to find a way to end this suffering.

What is the mission of 600 Million Dogs?

To permanently end the #1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats globally: overpopulation.

We are on track to accomplish this by developing special food that can spay or neuter dogs or cats without surgery. Super birth control food that can end the overpopulation problem without killing.

Our mission is to also save human lives by ending the world’s #1 cause of human deaths from rabies.  Our mission also includes ending the #1 financial burden of humane societies worldwide. No animals are harmed in our work, and all animals are adopted into caring homes.

More about 600 Million Dogs:

Imagine being able to Spay or Neuter Every Stray Dog in the World … by feeding them a cookie. We are developing super birth control cookies to permanently end the global #1 cause of suffering for dogs: overpopulation. The fastest way to stop the cruelty and end the suffering of stray dogs is to develop a lifetime-lasting, one-dose birth-control cookie that will spay or neuter without surgery. Our immediate goal is to bring our work and clinical trials into the U.S. to speed up our progress.

Unimaginable cruelty is inflicted upon strays in up to 60 nations with virtually no laws against cruelty. They are brutally beaten to death, thrown into garbage trucks to be crushed to death, poisoned, shot, electrocuted, fed rotten meat with broken glass in it (to make them bleed to death), etc. We must find the fastest way to end this: we must finish development of permanent Super Birth Control Cookies.

Our studies use birth control formulas that already exist; we are applying advanced technology to modify and super-charge them and to convert them into permanent-lasting birth control. We produce infertility by safely changing the gonads and causing early menopause. No animals are harmed. Our Pilot Pups are adopted into forever homes. Thus far there are no negative side effects. Help us keep the cookies non-profit and free to the poor of the world.

We believe this single project can prevent more animal suffering than any other single animal project in history. Up to 10 billion strays will be born in the next 10 years worldwide. The majority will suffer and die painful deaths. A global solution is needed. It is within reach. A Spay and Neuter Cookie could prevent the suffering of 10 billion strays every 10 years. We must do the same for cats, horses, etc. The exciting news: the science and technology already exist. Help is needed. Join us!

Please visit :  https://www.600milliondogs.org/

So now you all know what I am up to lately with Layla of course stepping up to the plate and speaking out also,

Have a safe Happy Halloween Everyone

With love as always from Layla






20 Replies to “600 Million Dogs”

  1. Happy Halloween to you and Layla! Congratulations on the new job as well. It sounds like they have some very big (and important) goals. It would be very nice to get cat and dog overpopulation under control without burdening people of lower income brackets, who can not afford spay and neuter surgeries.

    • Robin thank you, you are so right it would solve the world problem of over population and help those that cannot afford the surgeries
      to get their pets spayed or neutered without suffering also

  2. 600MillionDog.org sounds like an amazing organization. Wow! That would be fabulous to be able to give a simple cookie and have homeless animals spayed our neutered. That’s a terrific idea! I love when the power of the human brain is put to good use. You’re doing a great job with 600MillionDog.org. Thanks for sharing this organization!

    Happy Halloween to you and Layla!

    • Terri, it is an amazing organization trying to solve the over population problem which we humans are to blame for and the animals are suffering, I am proud to share the organization with everyone

  3. Huh. That sounds interesting. I’m personally not a fan of PETA, and I’d have to see more of the science behind these cookies before feeling safe backing them myself. But I’ll keep my eyes on this project for sure. Congrats on the new job!

  4. WHAT!? A birth control cookie to help curtain pet overpopulation? I’ve never heard of this. It sounds like a miracle solution! This is amazing, I hope it will come to fruition. Alex’s story about Baby Bear is so heart wrenching, I couldn’t stop the tears. I pray this solution can happen.

  5. Oh wow. Congratulations on your new dream job! That’s great. And a birth control cookie? Who knew! As I was reading I was thinking about “side effects”. I’m happy to learn there are no dangerous side effects to harm the animals. This is a great alternative to surgery which many are unable to afford. Let’s save them all! Happy Halloween Layla!

    • Kamira thank you and I am praying that this cookie will become available in the near future so that the animals do not have to suffer from surgery plus help those that cannot afford it.

  6. OMG! I felt physically nauseous as I read about baby bear. It breaks my heart to imagine the two of them going through that. Thank you for introducing us to this incredible initiative.

  7. Congratulations on finding such a fantastic job. WOW this is amazing. WoHOOO and now I know about another amazing rescue organisation too – thank you.

  8. Wow! I have tears flowing as I read about Baby Bear. It’s so sad that people are the cause of so many dogs and cats being in shelters. How amazing would it be if this birth control cookie became available. Congratulations on your new job!

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