Christmas is here

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TGIF!!!  Christmas has arrived WOW, can you believe we nearly at the end of the year, it seems like yesterday the year started.

I do not celebrate Christmas although I love seeing all the lights, trees, and decorations all over the place, it brings happiness.

With all the gifts and fun with family we also must remember something dear to my heart, which many do, and it is so wrong.

Pets are not gifts and when the excitement is over, they will be dumped in shelters, pets are family and for life, and if you cannot commit or a family member cannot commit then please do not get them one, it is not fair to the pet, plus it is one of the reasons shelters are overflowing with unwanted gifts in January.


Another reason shelters are overflowing is those wannabe pet lovers are dumping their senior pets in the shelters so that they can get a new puppy, and those people should not be allowed to own pets and put on a registry. Those dumped seniors do not have a chance of getting out alive which is horrific and breaks my heart.

So although Christmas is a happy family holiday, don’t forget to include your fur kids as they are part of the family and have every right to be there with you.

Merry Christmas to all, be safe, stay warm and enjoy

Am ending with Layla’s wish which we hope you will watch :

Merry Christmas, be safe and enjoy

Love Layla









10 Replies to “Christmas is here”

  1. You are so right sweet Layla, pets should not be given without consulting those who will be responsible for that precious life. Happy Hanukkah to you and your Mom and thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more – pets are not gifts! They are a lifelong commitment. I’m so glad you addressed this issue and also how people will surrender an older pet for a younger one. You certainly wouldn’t turn in an old mom for a new one. Don’t do it with a pet either! Your safety tips are excellent too!

    Oh my, I love the lights too! I’ve yet to make it out to look at them. I think tonight will be my last chance. Fingers crossed I make it out. If not, then it simply wasn’t meant to be this year.

    Wishing you and Layla a happy and safe holiday.

  3. It breaks my heart too that within 6 months too many Christmas puppies will be surrendered. A lot of thought & consideration must go into it before getting, or especially gifting a puppy or dog!

    • Cathy people do not think about the long term commitment and that puppies become adults and that is why it breaks my heart that they come up with so many excuses and
      dump the dogs at shelters, they should not be allowed to have dogs ever.

  4. Happy Holidays, Miss Layla and Momma! Sounds like you are enjoying the lovely sites of the season. I so agree…not a time to give a pet. Gosh, so many Huskies are dumped for that exact reason. It’s heartbreaking. And Layla, I loved your message to Santa! We wish the very same, and maybe, just maybe, one day we will have empty shelters because all pets will have a family and be safe and loved. Pinning to share this message for all seasons!

    • Dorothy happy holidays to you too and I agree it is heart breaking that people can do this to the dogs, they should not be allowed to have dogs in the future as the shelters
      are over flowing from their selfishness. Thank you for agree with Layla’s wish to Santa as I pray for that daily.

    • I agree with you Sandy but it is so so sad and I feel people do not thing of the expenses when they adopt a dog and it is the dog that pays the price in the end. People have to think about everything before adopting including allergies, kids, and so much more.

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