A week of my life

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TGIF !!!!!!!!

Wow it is Friday and we have had a busy week. Things are finally opening in San Francisco plus the trams are now going so we can get out and about a bit more, I am really excited and so is Mom.

On Saturday I got punished and went to the groomers. Mom pulled the wool over my eyes and took me for a long walk bribing me with treats till we got to the groomers, about 7 blocks from our house. She then had the chutzpah (audacity) to leave me there with the groomer for a couple of hours. He cut my hair short, all the hair from my face which Mom wanted because of my allergies, and he trimmed my tail, Mom not so happy about that one. He did my nails and in a nutshell I had a spa morning which I hate and was happy to see her when she picked me up about two hours later.


Because the trams have started Mom decided to take the tram home, it was the first tram on that line running in over a year so it was extra special. I loved it and got lots of pets from some of the passengers.



We got home and I decided to take revenge on Mom, BOL, every hour or so I decided I wanted to go out and pee so Mom must have walked me maybe ten times on Saturday, I  loved that revenge BOL.

Sunday we relaxed and then Mom had to go to the supermarket so she took me with her, I got lots of compliments from people on how cute I looked and Mom did her shopping. Yes I got some treats also.

The rest of week has been busy doing things and Mom has been caught once again with giving me my pills, so am on pill strike here and she is not happy, so she has now bought hotdogs to give the pill to me with it, hmmm wonder how long that will last. See the video below to see what I have been doing to her, I am so smart.


Today, Mom took me with her on the tram and she went to her favorite grocery store to get a few things and then on the way home we walked through the park so I saw all my friends. It was fun being petted and spoiled by all of them.

National Rescue Dog Day falls on May 20th every year and is a day that was created to encourage people to adopt a dog from their local pet shelter. Every year, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide and are in dire need of being adopted.

It is a very important day especially as I am rescued and need to speak out for all my friends that are in shelters they need homes and love and family which I have been blessed with so let us all go to the Shelter to adopt a dog BUT remember we are for life.

So now I am going to relax and looking forward to the weekend, have a great weekend everyone

With woof and love from Layla


17 Replies to “A week of my life”

  1. Hi Layla, we are so very happy to meet you! That is if you don’t mind having a kitty-cat as a new friend. My name is JUNE and I think you are very cute (with or without your groom-up) and I’m envious of your many walk-a-abouts as I stay indoors all the time: boring! Purr-haps we’ll meet up again … bye for now, meow.

  2. You look so cute Layla, I love your haircut! Revenge can be sweet, huh? LOL! Glad you’re getting out & about again.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. I am glad to hear that things are starting to open up there once again. I can’t wait until we start to return to normal here and we can once again get out and enjoy our favourite parks and campgrounds with the dogs… counting down the days!
    National Rescue Dog Day is a special one here in our family as well. Both of our pups are rescues, and we’re involved in the rescue world in a variety of different ways. There are so many incredible dogs out there just waiting to find their forever home and shower their new families in love.

    • Britt I hope the openings for you will be soon also. I am also so into rescue and it is the only way I will go for pets, they are the best, take care

  4. Awwwwww, I love that you get to go on the tram. You look beautiful; your stylist did a great job! I don’t love it when flowing tails are cut short, but yours is still full and lush!

    • Sadie thank you so much and she loves going on the trams, it is the highlight of her day when we do it, I know her tail will grow back but it upset me LOL

  5. A trim will make you look like a million dollars I am sure. I bet you walk with a spring in your paw step now Layla!

    Have a good week!!

  6. Oh, the groomer! Wolfie is going to have a “spa day” in a couple weeks (they are still behind due to Covid and they are mobile groomers so they do him here at my house in their “furmobile” in my driveway)! I had to chuckle when you said “punished, Layla!” I do think you dogs feel that way!

    Thanks for joining in our #FlashbackFriday Blog Hop!

    • Dorothy we love your FlashbackFriday and am happy you chuckled over the punishment as that is the way she feels although she is happier afterwards. Cannot wait to see photos of Wolfie afterwards

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