Living with Layla

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TGIF !!!!

The weather has been awful, raining non stop, freezing and with the new variant we have been indoors most of the time.

January is Walk Your Dog Month and Layla is in heaven as all the Christmas Trees are on the sidewalks so all she does is smell

and pee on them LOL.

See video below of her helping me with the housework.

When there has been a break in the rain and the sun peeks out I have taken her somewhere to give her some fun. Last week I took her to the promenade, which was awesome, chilly but sun shining, and she was in her element running around and me running after her so she did not go far. I had taken tea with me but never got to drink it as I could not sit down for too long, but it was worth it as she had so much fun and that is all that counts.

See the video below of her happily running, I leave the leash on her so that I can stand on it which makes it easier for me to catch her.

On top of it all Layla now has an ear infection which I was lucky to get her into the Vet and get it sorted out, 200 plus dollars later she is slowly getting better. The vet is really impressed with Layla’s over all health for her age so am relieved.

Today we went to my friends garden, it was cold and misty but it was great to sit outdoors for a bit and Madam was in her element.

See below the video of her moaning for treats, I give her freeze dried raw kibbles as treats as she loves them.

So, the beginning of the New Year has been very quiet, nothing exciting as such but I am blessed to have a happy healthy little girl.

We hope you all have a safe healthy New Year

With love from Layla

10 Replies to “Living with Layla”

  1. Happy 2022! I’m sorry about sweet Layla’s ear infection, but am glad to read that it seems to be clearing up. I hear ya on the weather stuff. Where we are it’s cold, and very snowy. My dogs love playing in the snow, but I’m ready for spring lol! How funny about Layla peeing on the the trees on the sidewalk. I remember what that was like around this time of the year when we lived in the city. Have a great weekend!!

    • Michelle I so agree I am ready for spring also, the cold and rain is getting too much for my old bones LOL. I am so relieved her ears are getting better
      as I was really concerned about them. As for the Christmas trees, it is the highlight of her year LOL. Stay warm and have a great week

  2. Cold and rain definitely don’t mix–the worst kind of weather. We’ve been relatively lucky–so far, the weather didn’t make too much mess of things. Though just today, we chose alternative entertainment for my dog because of the cold and windchill. Hang in there.

    • Jana the cold and rain is aggravating but we have to deal with it to keep the pups happy. Stay warm and am happy you managed to find some entertainment
      for your dog. stay warm

  3. Oh no! Layla is starting the year with an ear infection? I’m sorry to hear that. I hope she’s better soon.

    I loved how Layla made the bed just right for her. Did she do it the way you like?

    I had no idea that January is Walk Your Dog Month. I’ll have to try to take Henry on a different route this month, hopefully without so much mud or snow, to celebrate.

    Try to stay warm and safe. It looks like Layla is doing a great job on the housework. LOL

    • Terri she is thank goodness much healthier, am not sure how she got it though. The way she makes my bed is to her liking not mine and she
      is happy with it, I redid when she was not looking LOL. I love these national dog months especially January as I take her for extra long walks
      in different routes so it is interesting for her plus good for me too.

  4. Rain is tough when you want to go for a walk, so I hope you get some fine days too!

    Layla, get well soon with the ear infection. You are doing well if the vet is impressed with Mom’s care.

    • Marjorie I love the rain but hate walking in it and so does she, but with age is doing so much better. Thank goodness her ear infection is slowly
      clearing up so I am very relieved. She has the best personal nurse LOL

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