What happens to Pets on 4th of July weekend.

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Good morning Everyone,

With the beginning of July comes 4th of July which might be a holiday for fun BUT for us pets is it a scary time also. So today we going to discuss this matter and would love input.

I have been reading different articles about many things that are connected with 4th of July and the one that stands out is the amount of animals that get lost, shelters are already overflowing and will be really full after this weekend.

It is so sad that before the weekend even starts, people are dumping pets at Shelters with a million and one reason why they cannot keep them but the bottom line is it is the 4th of July weekend and they are going away. These people do not even think of the damage they are doing, some lucky pets will be fortunate to get out of there alive, others won’t. I cannot understand why and how people can do that, they are inconsiderate, not compassionate and should not be allowed to have pets again.  This weekend is one of the hardest for Rescue Organizations as they will be over flowing with wonderful warm fuzzy pets looking for new home because of the selfishness of their past owners.

Having a pet is in my eyes having a kid, and many people would not dump their kids at a shelter just because the holiday is more tempting, actually I wonder how they are with their kids? If they act this way. Yes, I will judge them, as people that have no respect for other species, and only themselves are people I do not want in my life or surroundings.

So let us pray that those unfortunate pets find new happy homes to live out the rest of their lives, like Layla.

I also hate fireworks, they are a waste of money that can be used for so much more, rescue organizations are desperate for money and so are many other charities. I also hate them because of the fear they cause to all pets plus the wild animals outside, why should they be traumatized.


How to keep us safe on 4th of July :

Be prepared in the event that your pet does escape – make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an updated tag, microchip is updated and BEST of all just keep your pet inside in a safe place where it cannot escape.



How I keep Layla safe – I take her in her stroller in the evening for a long walk and then we settle in for the night. I keep the Jazz music on the TV, she sleeps wherever she is comfortable,  I put a t-shirt on her which keeps her snuggly and helps her relax Since she has started Sundowners Syndrome she gets her Relax Supplement from Real Mushrooms which works wonders and normally asleep by 8 pm.  If she needs to go out late at night and she tells me, I will take her out, I do not force her. Her safety and wellbeing is my top priority.


One of the most important things we also need to remind everyone is :


Have a wonderful weekend, be safe, enjoy your two legged and four legged family and please remember to keep us safe.

With a Woof



12 Replies to “What happens to Pets on 4th of July weekend.”

  1. We so agree with you sweet Layla, except pets, as family members, are better than kids. Fireworks are legal here so they can be set off by anyone at anytime, it’s quite scary. I hope you have a quiet 4th of July. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Hi Brian, thanks for agreeing with us and we hate the fireworks, it actually spoils the whole holiday as such. Thanks for your Blog Hop as always and please be safe
      with hugs to your cats

  2. My puppy is in my lap while I read in my recliner. Incredible company! My mom wouldn’t let us (me & my two younger sisters) have a pet. I got a rescue as soon as I got my first apartment! Such joy! Have had dogs for the last 50 yrs! Please…. get a rescue for your family. You can get a purebred from the rescue too! Mine is a “yorkie-ish” Gracie Louise….. tell us about your dog!

    • I am so happy you rescued as that is all I do as there are so many needing homes, I agree with you you can rescue pure breeds also, have a great weekend

  3. Excellent safety tips. We have fireworks on 5th of November and they have the same negative effect here. Too much noise and really frightening times for dogs and cats. People are never careful enough to I hope your tips are read by zillions of people!

    • Marjorie thank you and I know of Guy Fawkes on the 5th of November and it is hell for the pets. A microchip and collar with a tag is such a simple thing to do but even better
      is keeping them indoors. I pray my tips will help others also especially the pet parents.

  4. Very useful tips! It is so sad that after 4th of July animal shelters are very full – when I was a volunteer, it was all hands on deck after the holiday since they were so full. I wish everyone would microchip their dogs and cats, but they don’t. That’s the best way to link you to your pet permanently.

    • Cathy I agree with you it is so sad and those that are not responsible pet owners should not have pets as a microchip is such a simple solution and will save all the
      heartache for the pets and the families. Happy 4th of July and be safe

  5. Fireworks have gotten so out of hand! Grrr. Last night was awful. They went on so late and so loud. Just this morning we woke up to our car having burned spot due to falling fireworks from a neighbor! I was fortunate that fireworks did not both my Huskies for most of their lives. We used to sit on the back deck and watch the city shoot them off in the distance. However, once my one Husky started going deaf, they frightened her something awful. It was so bad, I had to put on one of those snuggle vests and keep her inside with white noise going on. Poor girl just wanted to hide in the far corner of our house…I read somewhere that they were going to change fireworks display to drone and laser light shows, I hope so. Not only do they affect our beloved dogs, but also soldiers with PTSD, and they are fire hazards. Your tips are excellent, too. I sure hope you and Miss Layla had a peaceful and quiet Fourth. Pinning to share!

    • They have gone out of control everywhere, it was like a warzone here last night till about 3 in the morning, I am exhausted but thank goodness Layla slept through
      it all. I am so sorry to what happened to your car, I would make the neighbor pay for the damage. You were blessed with your Huskies but I always worry about the wild
      animals, people with PTSD and so much more, they suffer terribly. I agree it is time to stop them all and do laser and light shows which would be amazing to watch and
      not have us hiding from the noise. Be safe

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