Hide the Fireworks are Coming plus Give Away

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Good Morning All,
Me the social butterfly has been really busy as always but it is keeping Mom and I young which is what i keep telling her.

I went to the vet last week as my eyes were really red and Mom was concerned, I hate that place. Anyway my favorite vet was there and she checked them and told Mom I have really bad allergies and dry eyes, so she gave Mom some ointment to put in my eyes and I think it is working cos I am less itchy. 

On Saturday we went to the Shih Tzu Meetup which is one of my favorite events as there are lots of dogs my size and they are all fluffy. It was loads of fun, the weather was fantastic and also being in a different park always makes things more interesting.

In the evening we met up with one of my favorite Aunts who was here in the city for 2 days. She is a very special lady as she runs a Fospice for pets by rescuing the seniors that have been dumped in shelters so that they can live the rest of their lives with love. You can read about her Sanctuary on her Facebook page.

This is the link to her Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/dreamsanctuary/

Sunday we just relaxed, Mom says she had no energy for anything so I took control and made sure we did lots of long walks. I am not interested in her being tired as I do not have a computer and need to check my pmail.

NOW as you all know 4th of July is around the corner, the nightmare for many pets because of the fireworks. It is so important that we, the parents keep our pets safe in the house and this is what I have found works for Layla.

I put a bed in the shower, water and some toys, making it comfortable for her if she needs it. I also keep music on, give her last walk at about 7 before the chaos starts and most important of all is I give her Hemp Oil. I am a firm believer of the Hemp Oil as it keeps her calm, relaxed and less worrying for me. 

The Hemp oil I use is from a company called Restorative Botanicals and swear by it. What I love also is that they have products for us also which makes a difference and when I am stressed out I drink their delicious coffee which keeps me calm. A must for us coffee drinkers.

This weekend we are going to Pride in San Francisco which is exciting although I hate the noise of the motor bikes so Mom will be giving me the Hemp Oil to stay calm, actually with age I am getting scared of many noises so this product is really easing my life in a big way.  

You can read all about them on their website :



So we decided to leave the BEST NEWS for last and that is Mom surprised me this week with some wonderful new treats, chicken jerky yummm and raw turkey necks to chew on especially on 4th of July which will keep me busy as I am inside more than normal plus what could be better than chewing away on something good.

What is the give away ??????? 

Freeze Dried Wild Caught Minnows. They are a single ingredient treat for both cats and dogs. This single source treat is perfect for pets on a limited ingredient diet, who have food allergies or stomach sensitivities. Minnows are easily digestible containing no grain, gluten, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. Sourced and packaged in the USA. 
I, Layla personally puts my paw of approval on them, they are delicious and I strongly suggest you enter to win as they are a must for the treat jar. I am also excited as once again I am sharing for both cats and dogs so everyone can enjoy.

You can find them on the link below and remember if you do shop there you have a discount of 15% with the coupon Layla15.


We have been sponsored for this give away by the company. It is not open to Canadian residents only the USA.

All you have to do is enter on the link below :


Before I log off here for the week we must NOT forget that 5th of July is the busiest day in shelters as they are saving and keeping all animals that have run away from the fireworks safe, so to all my fur friends everywhere, both domestic and wild, please be safe, try to stay calm and remember the stupid humans are to blame for us being scared on 4th of July.

Happy Pride to those that are celebrating this week and Happy Safe 4th of July Everyone.

With a woof and love from Layla 

52 Replies to “Hide the Fireworks are Coming plus Give Away”

  1. I’m sure glad your itchies are going away. Such a super Aunt you have!!! Hey, we sure don’t care for those firework things either, they’re awful here. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. What a lovely photo of you and your aunt! It sounds like your mom takes extra special care to make sure you’re comfy for when the fireworks go off. One year, we found two dogs who got loose on the 4th. They were reunited with their owner later, but the 4th is definitely a scary night for some dogs! Thankfully, our Eddie isn’t bothered by fireworks.

    • Lola I hate them also and yes we do try to do great adventures, it is good for both of us. The Hemp is a must for our pets when the noise starts

  3. yes, my girls love fish, i buy them sardines for treats and they love them. i love that your Aunt has the Fospice, how wonderful. such a great idea and a way to help the animals. are they raw turkey necks, freeze dried or just raw?

    • Sandy they are raw neck bones and fantastic. Good Luck with entering the give away your girls will love the fish treats

  4. I hope the hemp oil helps you to enjoy your time out at Pride, Layla. Those loud noises get to us all. Please be safe. Manna and Dexter are not huge fans of fish, but I think it would be interesting to see how they respond to these treats. They tend to like high-quality fish cat foods.

  5. Layla you always stay so busy! I’m getting a bit nervous for the 4th since we live right outside of NYC, and they have a huge firework display every year. When my older dog was younger fireworks never really seemed to bother him, but now that he’s older he likes to bark at them. Between the sound of the fireworks and all the barking it makes for a very loud evening. I wish CBD helped him with this issue. It works wonders for his arthritis but doesn’t seem to impact his anxieties at all. Ah well.

    • Michelle you could try putting some Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy in his water to see if that helps. Thank goodness for the Hemp it really works with Layla phew

  6. Ah, yes, the dreaded fireworks. You’d think that living in the middle of nowhere you wouldn’t get those but there are enough cottagers who cannot resist. Fortunately, Cookie doesn’t care.

  7. I don’t go to fireworks displays because I hate crowds, but I live near where my town fires them off. A couple weekends in a row actually because the town festival is the week after the 4th. I think hemp/CBD will help my cats too. I find that as long as I keep Treeno and Plush close with me, and let Matisse hide under the bed we all get through it ok. If I can be calm and reassuring they don’t mind it so much. Thunderstorms are worse we because I can’t tell them ahead to explain what is happening

    • Emilia be safe and the Hemp is amazing and really help Layla stay calm. I hate them and think they are a waste of money that can be used on better things

  8. Armani used to find comfort in the thunder shirts they are amazing!
    He’s grown out of his skiddishness and is a pro at 4th of.july and storms now but he does have 15 years of experience.
    I love your blog!!!

  9. Thank you for all the info on hemp oil for anxiety! I believe I’ll try some especially for Lucy.. I don think my other two babies will need it they’re just in ßumpathy for Lucy while she’s in the tub and I’m sitting next to he.And it just so happens there’s a new place down the street from me that sellshp oil. I have to check it out! I’ve never heard of frozen minnows but the kids love catfish..ànd cat food, so I’m sure they would love it! Your pic of Layla is adorable and looks exactly like my baby. Bear..rip. well have a great weekend ànd hope you don’t have to listen to bunch of fireworks either you and Layla!!

    • Cheryl it is fantastic and highly recommended and you know me I would not say that without trying and seeing how it helps Layla – good luck with enetering

    • Awesome Teri and good luck. The Hemp oil we use is just fantastic and the company that makes the Minnows have fantastic goodies for our pampered pets

  10. MOL!! You ARE keeping mum busy aren’t you!! Not a bad thing as its summer though!

    What an amazing lady I hope people realise how amazing she is! I would willingly take on a fospice cat. Weeks or months, the end of their lives matter so much.

    Good luck with the giveaway!!

  11. I hope your allergies stop bothering you! Our town sets off fireworks about 3/4 of a mile from where we live, but luckily, they don’t bother our dogs. I feel very sorry for the wildlife, pets, and people who are frightened by the noise and bright flashes. One of our friends has PTSD from the Viet Nam War and the fireworks are very stressful for him.

    • Beth I hope those allergies go away also. I also worry about the Vets and wildlife as they do not have the same protection as our pets. Layla does not like them also. Be safe.

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