It is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday has arrived and we are going through a heatwave here, it is hot. I have read that there are heatwaves everywhere and it is so important to keep your dogs inside in the cool house.

I for the life of me cannot understand people that leave their dogs outside with no shade or even worse leave them in hot cars. If I saw a dog in a hot car I would automatically smash the window to save it. I do not care if the a/c is on, it is hot as hell in there.  Those that do it should be jailed or if Karma would work put the humans in the cars for a bit to see what it is like. I actually read an article where a judge ordered a woman to sit in her hot car and boil for a bit after leaving her dog in the car. Love that idea, do you?

I took Layla on an errand today and this is how we went.

We had a wonderful weekend last week and as San Francisco is finally open it is great to get outdoors without a mask and breathe the air. I am still using my mask on public transport and shops but that feeling of freedom is in the air.

Last Saturday I went with a friend and Layla of course to Pride Movie in Oracle Park, it is the park where the Giants play. The Dykes on bikes were there, some drag queens and an amazing movie. It was so great to be outdoors watching a movie. The seating was done very cleverly so there was social distancing and very safe plus those that were vaccinated sat separately from those that are not.

I learned something that night about taking a senior with you and that is Layla was happy in her back pack which expands but the relaxing supplement I gave her did not help much plus she got cold so in the future I will put a t-shirt on her which keeps her calm and give her some CBD oil instead. I put my jacket on her to keep her calm and warm which helped a bit.

We got home really late that night which I am not used to so on Sunday we just slept, walked and ate, what a hard life LOL.


I am not sure what our plans are this weekend but will check out to see what Pride events there are and maybe take her to one.


Stay cool everyone and have a wonderful weekend

With a woof and love from Layla






16 Replies to “It is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. It’s cold here as it’s winter so I can’t empathise at all. Our cats just sit in the shade and watch the birds in summer (why move when it’s hot MOL!!). hey avoid hot pavements and surfaces like you should as a small dog though.

    I remember seeing a video of a vet demonstrating how it feels to be a dog in a hot car with the temperature climbing and climbing!!! It made an impact on me and I am not a dog person.

    • Marjorie stay warm and I love the cold weather LOL. I am keeping her cool plus using the back pack so she does not walk on the hot pavement unless there is shade or lawn. I also saw that video and it was heart breaking

  2. It’s definitely a hot and sticky one out there right now. We love spending as much time as possible outdoors, but on days like today, we tend to stay inside during the hottest times of the day. We’ll get outside and let the pups run and play AFTER the temperature drops a bit and the humidity is tolerable. For now – it’s cuddles indoors enjoying the A/C lol Neither one of the pups seems to be complaining about the extra snuggle time.

    • Thanks Beth, we had a great weekend and relaxed quite a bit. I also cannot understand people that do that their dogs, they should not be allowed to have pets

  3. It is so tragic that pets are still dying from horrible mishaps that could be prevented. Be that hot cars, suffocating in food bags, and so on. Awareness is the first step to preventing these tragedies.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. Yes! I know what you mean about getting out in the fresh air. And I couldn’t agree more about leaving pets in hot cars! You’d think it would be common sense 101?!!

    • Kamira I am so enjoying the freedom phew – but am being careful also. As for common sense 101 there are those that lack it unfortunately

  5. I read where you are having a heat wave. We have those temps all the time in the South, but if you’re not accustomed to it; it’s rough. We’ve had problems here with people leaving their pets in a hot car – they think if they leave the windows cracked that it’s okay. So sad!

    • I am used to heat but San Francisco houses are not built for it so it heats up terribly grrrrrrrrrrrrr but we are surviving thank goodness. As for stupid people leaving their pets in cars they make me sick

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